Justin Timberlake Lives Forever 'In Time'

It’s coming now (and it’s going to be bigger than the internet)!


A Bio-Revolution


Upcoming film IN TIME (starring Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy and written, produced and directed by Andrew Niccol) deals with a future where people simply stop aging at twenty-five. The film deals with a world that has accepted and adapted to this phenomenon.


In Time

There’s  whole new criminal system to deal with.


What are the moral and legal implication of a population that lasts a thousand years?


With medical knowledge expanding daily, the human code is being cracked faster than you can say Da Vinci.


GATTACA tells of a future where we could read our human code, IN TIME  allows us to alter it.


The release of GATTACA (also directed by Niccol) in 1997 came with a confrontation of genetic engineering and eugenics. GATTACA  was ahead of its time, but now we are going one step further, surpassing its futuristic predictions.


Olivia Wilde plays Timberlake's Mother

In Time is poised to have just as much of an effect. It is only a matter of time until these extreme ideas of longevity become well known; this film isn’t as futuristic as it first seems.


    “Why age? It is simply an error in replication of our DNA.”


With a longer living population comes dilemmas, mandatory retirement is no longer possible, the current accepted retirement age of 65 might be 155 for the next generation. Imagine, then, that instead of living another five or ten years, people could suddenly live another hundred years like Matt Bomer‘s character in In Time.


What do you do with the time you have been granted? And how does it effect your life? Would you still learn from your mistakes or would it be a life without consequence? Who is that will have the most time? The chances are that, like so many other things, the privileged and wealthy will receive the lion’s share, while the gap between them and the poor and disadvantaged will grow still wider.


    “Only 1% of us are Gluten Intolerant, avoid fad diets and avoid taking your vitamins in bottles.”


With the development of the bio-revolution, society and culture will also be revolutionized. Nobody would blow themselves up in the hopes of 72 virgins in the afterlife because they know over 1000 years they could find 72 virgins on their own.  The larger the book of life, the shorter the book of death.


Cher - "if I could turn back time"

Cher‘sTurn Back Time’ would have new meaning and she would be dating eighty year olds rather than eighteen year olds. Experience would truly be the most valued asset.


    In bottled water there is  bacteria. Scientists  have demonstrated that if we drink

    one litre of  water each day, at the end  of the year we would have absorbed

    more than 1  kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) – bacteria

    found in  faeces.

    In other  words, we are consuming 1 kilo of  poo.


Who would be first in line for some extra useful years?


Maybe Meg Ryan and Uma Thurman would be granted the opportunity to return to leading lady roles?


The Discovery Channel recently hosted a piece with Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science officer of the SENS Foundation  entitled, “Are We Close to Ending Aging?”  that tackled the developments that have been made recently in this field.


I sat down with Dr. Bob (Robert A. Glazer M.D.) to discuss life extension, what it would mean and the very real possibilities of its success.


Q. So, Dr. Bob, What  got you interested in life extension?


A. I had an extension myself at an early age.  Few people have used growth hormones, but I was given injections because my parents were both quite short.   If I hadn’t, I would have been quite small, probably about the size of Danny DeVito.


    Think of it: People born today should be able to outlive a tortoise born on the same day; that’s 150 years!


Q. Why don’t more people get this done?


A. Lack of knowledge and a certain resistance to having your children be more impressive than you.


Q. Are there other areas where parents might not want their children to be superior to them?


A. People want to recreate themselves – look at the pressure from the deaf lobby, it’s not about curing,  just expanding the infrastructure for those who are deaf.


Q.  What can I do to extend my life right now?


A.  Studies have shown that laboratory rats who are fed less can live 20% longer.  Therefore, if you want to live longer, then you should eat two thirds as much, and exercise twice as much.  This solution may not be popular with most Americans, but there it is.


Q. Can the bio-revolution prevent Cancer?


A. Yes!  It will be possible to “run” an individual’s human genome (DNA Compliment) like a routine lab test in a doctor’s office and have the results in a few days.  We will use this information to watch for specific cancers,  and then attack these cancers in their early, curable phases.   Also, in later years, we will be able to rewrite parts of the genome to correct for these cancer errors in living persons.  .


Q.  What is the main ethical issue regarding knowledge of a specific persons human genome?


A. Since we can do amniocentesis to obtain a printout of a gestating fetus genome, we can then know specific characteristics in this developing human before birth.  We will be able to present parents with choices such as: ‘Do you want to have a male, fat kid who will be short with red hair (until he goes bald at 30)?  Also, do you mind if this kid has the IQ of “Forest Gump”?’ Eugenics will be a brave new world, and the question of abortion rears its ugly head.


Q. Why do people age?


A.  The simple answer is that what we see as “age” is actually the result of errors in the replication of our DNA. Our DNA stores all of our genetic information.  When this double helix “comes apart” and remakes itself to form new cells in our body, unavoidable errors occur,  and the daughter cells receive imperfect copies of the original DNA.


Q. So, what happens when we fix this?


A. When we are able to correct for these changes, we should be able to stay “forever young”.  A thousand years should be possible, with the changes.  We won’t just LOOK younger; rather we will BE younger, and accidents might become the leading cause of death. A new theory suggests that more important than free radicals are the telomeres, a zipper-like DNA structure that helps the cells when they replicate.  Over time, they become damaged, like an over-used zipper, which causes defects in the replicated DNA.  Bill Andrews is doing this research, and is determined to solve the issue of human aging forever, or die trying.


Q. What about hormone pills to prevent the changes that come with aging?


A. This is controversial.  For example, “should women take female hormones after menopause to remain younger”?  The truth is that nobody knows. Every few years the medical community “flip flops” on this question and claims that it could promote certain cancers.  Also, should men use testosterone patches to stay younger and virile, such as myself? Testosterone skin patches can be a fountain of youth for some, but such treatments can lead to prostate cancer.  The first step is to have your MD do a blood test for current testosterone level to see if exogenous medication is even indicated. So while we’re not quite at the sci-fi age of being able to live forever, better life expectancy is certainly possible.


“Only 25% of our life expectancy is determined by genes, the other 75% depends on lifestyle and dietary choices.”


Here are our top tips for living longer:

This could save your life!


  1. Add 7 years to your life each time you commit to A) being a woman, B) flossing away bacteria C) not smoking.

  2. Avoid Vitamin Supplements and don’t eat Polar Bear liver - unless you’ve been through an arctic winter you have enough Vitamin D, and enough Vitamin E through any diet.

  3. Keep Calm, MEDITATE and Carry On – high blood pressure lowers your chance of reaching ninety.

  4. Exercise a bit more, park the car further away and take the stairs whenever possible.

  5. Avoid sky diving, bungie-jumping and other sports that are ‘extreme.’

  6. Avoid fad diets.

  7. Get medical checkups to prevent imminent death.

  8. Don’t replace the science of modern medicines with that of premodern science.

  9. Check it out: Stevia is a great alternative for sugar, herbs for salt and sex for cigarettes.

  10. Fly don’t drive – there hasn’t been a fatality in the air in years.

  11. Understand that while 65 people have been killed by Great White Sharks since 1876, mosquitoes alone kill two million people a year. Prepare yourself accordingly.

  12. Listen to the old-timers who know Bayer Opium, Bayer Cocaine, and Bayer Heroin were legal once while Bayer Aspirin required a prescription. Aspirin should never be taken to suppress a fever, as the fever is what helps fight infection naturally.

  13. Steve Jobs, with all the money in the world, could have used a friend like THE COLUMN. Our info shows Pennsylvania U researchers have come up with a type of White Blood Cell, a T cell, that was able to destroy 1,000 cancer cells, multiply itself by 1,000 times and survive for months. 2 out of the 3 patients treated got well and the 3rd is improving. Jobs proves that being rich does not in itself give you a greater chance at longevity, any more than eating pure fruit juice, blueberry enemas, or any other wacky foodie cures by themselves.  Read more

    Steve Jobs could have saved his life, had he utilized modern medicine.

  14. Don’t let the AIDS epidemic scare you. Fear’s a killer whereas sex is good for you provided you have good protection.

  15. Imitate the cat. Stretch twice a day – like your favorite pussycat.

  16. Avoid Death by Doctor: As Clint Eastwood said, “Do youfeel lucky, punk?” Avoid deadly doctors who go from hospital to hospital but forget to wash their hands, or the ones that are too busy or too incompetent. Trust your MD LESS than you trust an attorney.  President McKinley was not killed by an assassin, he was killed by a pompous MD who refused to let Thomas Edison locate the bullet with a metal detector, and while searching in all the wrong places, infected the President and killed him.

  17. Irradiated foods means no more worry about parasites at the local sushi stop and if fish and vegetables don’t need to spoil why does Uncle Bill need to wrinkle?

  18. Buckle up – 20% of Americans still don’t wear a seatbelt while driving even though it is the difference between injury and death in a car accident.

  19. Studies have shown that reading this column could help prolong your life, and organic food hasn’t been proven to add one day!

  20. Combining 19 with watching Edward Bass films could potentially make you IMMORTAL!!!







Real Estate agents OUTS Miley Cyrus! If you can’t trust your realtor who can you trust?! Miley Cyrus who just purchased a 3.9 million dollar gated estate to ensure her privacy. The home that was originally 4.4 250 evidentially she Quakered down in the price (an expression first coined by the man on the Quaker Oats box and later brought back to life by Richard Nixon). On top of having the video of the house displayed online they also neglected to remove the address…. check it out if you don’t believe me! It seems as though her real estate agent can’t be tamed!




Researched and Edited by Isabel Crawley

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