The Best Celebrity Vocal Coaches in Los Angeles - The World? You Decide - Bob & Claire Corff of Corff Voice Studio's Review.


If … you could have a powerful voice?  - would you want it?

If  … you could have a sexy voice? – would you want it?

If  … you wanted to lose an accent? – would you do it?

If … you wanted to gain an accent?  - could you do it?


Want to sound more confident?  

Perhaps not sooo gay?  

Maybe you’d like to lose a stutter or lisp?

Perhaps you are tired of sounding like Mini Mouse …

And dream you could sound like Mae West?


If you sounded different …

Would people respond to you differently?

Our voice is our “Vocal Autobiography” …

Our voice is 50 percent of our communication …

Can we control it?  Or are we just stuck with what we grew up with?

Think about it … “change is possible!” 


Most of us aim to eat right … to work out … get our hair right, take care to dress just right …  

yet, realistically our physical presentation is only 50% of our total communication … 

If your voice is “your other face” … 

What does your voice say about you?


Would a powerful voice behoove you professionally?

Are you in sales? Do you primarily speak on the phone?

Need to gain peoples trust? Or need to be heard with authority?

Is your voice helping you? Or is your voice hindering you? 

Are you putting your best voice forward? 

(Perhaps, you secretly want to sing? Even if it’s in the shower:)


The Best and The Best - The Creme de la Creme - Vocal Coaches

Should you decide … you’ll probably need someone to guide you  …

here I would suggest the “Crème de la Crème” - only the “Best AND the Best”

Bob and Claire Corff of Corff Voice Studio's in Los Angeles.

Bob Corff has solidified himself as one of the most popular voice coaches for speakers in all fields of work, the best dialect coach for actors and one of the most successful vocal coaches for singers at every level. The list of celebrity clients he has taught ranges from Lenny Kravitz to Gwyneth Paltrow, from Sally Field to Elijah Wood, from Jennifer Aniston to Antonio Banderas, from Mariah Carey to Faye Dunaway and just about everyone in between.

Bob, himself a successful Broadway and television actor, together with his equally gifted, wife Claire, formed Corff Voice Studios.  Claire, also an actress and Phonetics expert studied at Cal Arts.   She currently teaches accent reduction classes at the prestigious Strasberg institute, in Los Angeles.


Bob  and Claire teach private voice lessons in Los Angeles, CA and thanks to the advances in technology, you too can work with them–via Skype.  To me that is amazing!

Perhaps you want singing lessons, accent reduction, or voice coaching

Now, no matter where you live in the world, you can work with Bob or Claire just as if you were here … and you don’t even have to deal with LA traffic.!


To help you practice on your own, Bob and Claire have also developed a successful line of audio courses that can help anyone improve their speaking voice, and courses that help actors learn to get rid of an accentlearn a dialect and learn to sing,


The Corff’s, a great team and renowned vocal coaches, are the best in Los Angeles … and could that mean the world? – but that’s for you to decide … Don’t just listen to me – here’s what some celebrities are saying:

“A great teacher convinces you that you can get better than you ever dreamt. …  He is a great professional and a great teacher.”
 Faye Dunaway

“I came to Bob with a specific vocal problem. It was handled within a month. I continue to study with him because of the safe environment that I find creative and stimulating. 

Ted Danson

“My mom taught me to talk…Bob taught me to speak. There’s a big difference.” 


“I would be lost without my voice Doctor.”
 Channing Tatum

“The Stardard American Program really works. I’ve had great results.”               



For more information go to: Corff Voice Studios

Yes, you too, can speak and sing like a Star.

Now … all you need to do is Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice ... Practice ... Practice ... Photographs by Amber Lee Abbott -


Your trusted friend,


Charlotte Pehnmore



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