I Want Your Live Film Review - Official Selection Outfest 2012




Jesse (Jesse Metzger) is moving to a new city. He has packed all his things, made arrangements to stay with his parents for a while and is nervously anticipating the farewell bash to be held in his honor only nights away. It’s a new beginning and yet all he feels is trepidation. His ex Ben seems to be moving forward, finding a new attraction, a shop boy that has been under his nose the whole time. Jesse’s roommate is moving forward by inviting his current boyfriend to move in with him, testing the waters of co-habitation. All things indicate that Jesse is moving on, life goes on. So why does he still feel stuck in his heart and mind?


That’s kind of it.

I Want Your Love is the seed of a good film that unfortunately falls short for me. Shot in cinema verte, the characters feel fresh and vivid but ultimately are without a journey. This film is riddled with angst and graphic male intimacy. And while there is something there, a rudimentary exploration about the laws of attraction, I Want You Love does not quite convey its message with clarity. This cast is oozing with chemistry, with the feel of documentary more so than narrative. It’s a shame that the motivations for these characters are not more interesting, or their journeys more complete.


Perhaps this film was best left as a short.


Jesse Metzger in "I Want Your Love"


I Want Your Love is an official selection of Outfest: The 30th Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, happening July 12-22, 2012 in downtown los Angeles and in select theaters across Los Angeles and Hollywood.


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