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Have you ever been in a haunted house?  David Oman certainly has.  In fact, it's his house that is haunted.  He states that he has seen the ghosts of Sharon Tate and the others murdered by Charles Manson in the house just down the road from him and it was that it was Sharon's ghost who gave him and his writing partner Jim Vines, the inspiration to write House At The End of the Drive.  "She guided us scene by scene, giving us flashes of inspiration as we wrote." 


In fact, when I visited him on the anniversary of the deaths I could swear I felt someone looking over my shoulder, but no one was there.  Statues fell, as if the spirits wanted to be acknowledged and photographs taken by psychic mediums, Mark Christopher Nelson and Stefan Brigati, host of the radio show "My Darkest Hour" showed shadowy figures!  Yikes!


What is scarier the past or the present?  Sometimes, there is no difference. 


House At The End of the Drive: The Director David Worth consulting with the producer

The movie, itself, is a replay of history mixed with a twist. 


House At The End of the Drive: David confronts his neighbor about ghostly happenings

The story centers around David's experience of the supernatural in his home.  Trying to ignore it, he invites his friends for dinner.  The chatter of the quiet dinner party in this posh Oxford Canyon is rudely interrupted as real truths come to light as the foursome decided to explore further.  Skeptic Robert has the most to learn and fact and fiction combine as the 36 year old mass-murder haunts the diners enough to rip open a doorway to the past. 


House At The End of the Drive: the killer

Shot on location on the infamous Cielo Drive, just down the street from the actual Manson/Tate murders, the film realistically portrays some of the events of the night as supernatural forces from the past cause the four friends to relive that frightful night.  They are catapulted back into the night of the brutal slayings.  In a cruel twist, they materialize as the soon-to-be victims of the massacre they had discussed only moments before.  Can knowledge of the future enough to shield them from the helter-skelter  mayhem of the past?  Together, the four of them must find out if they can stop history from repeating. 


House At The End of the Drive: The killer gang

Created and produced by David Oman, he wrote the script along with Jim Vines and they were assisted by the executive producer/writer Paul Mason (most well known for his series McMillian and Wife and It Takes A Thief as well as his work on Ironside and executive producer of Amytiville Horror. The cast includes James Oliver (David), Jonathan Mangum (Robert), Alison Raimond (Jennifer), Angela Jones (Felicia), Lance Henriksen (Skip Johansen), John Dylan Howard (Henry), Marc Greco (Rich), Ellen Geer (Eunice Sequoia), Gizelle D'Cole (Bianca), Yusuf Gatewood (Clarence Greene), Paydin LoPachin (Rachel), Lisa Diane Morgan (Tanya), Via Osgood (Shawna) and Jessica Szohr (Krista.)  We can't forget Sebastian, the dog, who was a wonderful performer.  "He's just a natural ham," said David, who denied that he had trained the dog for his role. 

The spooky music composed by Alan Howarth & Dylan Berry fit the mood entirely. 

House At The End of the Drive: David and Sebastian

The film event was sponsored also by Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital, JMAAS (Joey Maas Pop Art), AB Weddings and Special Events and Antonio's Catering.


House At The End of the Drive: Killer girl

The movie is currently seeking distribution and will be featured in numerous festivals so keep an eye out on the web site for current showings. No doubt the distribution will be quickly forthcoming as the movie mesmerized with the story of the murders.   Check out House At The End of the Drive or the DeWitt Murders for more information. 


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