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Hollywood’s fascination with the human mind and all of its many perversions goes back to its earliest beginnings.  Not all that long ago, 1960 to be precise, the Alfred Hitchcock classic ‘Psycho’ hit the silver screen.  It starred Anthony Perkins, Janet Leight, Vera Miles and John Gavin and received four Oscar nominations.  Just eight years later the Roman Polanski smash hit ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ starring Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer walked off with an Oscar.  Arguably one of the all-time classics hit the screen in 1975.  ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ starring the truly legendary Jack Nicholson along with Louise Flectcher,Michael Berryman and Peter Brocco earned a staggering five Oscars and remains one of the top fifteen movies ever made.  There have, of course, been many others but the question begs, what is next?  Here is my take on it. 

Apple Road Films is a small independent film production company that is currently working on a hilarious new TV series ‘Bruna in Beverly Hills’ and has already completed two films ‘Delusional’ and ‘A Tennis Shoe in the Street.’ But now they have launched into preproduction on what may well be their break out feature film. ‘Experiment 77.’
The script is written by Kim Kopf a talented and proven actress, writer and producer perhaps best known for ‘Searching for Ron Ficus’ and ‘Delusional.’ Inspired by some real world experiences ‘Experiment 77’ is driven by harsh reality and a deep passion from Kim Kopf who sees this project not only as a potentially award winning hit film but also as a wake up call exposing some of the darkest and scariest secrets in the world of mental health institutions. Here is how Kim Kopf describes ‘Experiment 77.’

In the underfunded and forgotten mental institution of Safe Haven, staying alive is as hopeless as a fly caught in a widow’s web. Sooner or later, you’re going to be sucked up and reduced to nothing. Rose Adams, a young, and beautiful, yet emotionally distraught new arrival, is convinced that Dr. Olivia West is responsible for the death of her parents. And now, Rose feels she is plagued with the bad luck of being the missing puzzle piece in a world of drug corruption and experiments of insanity, run by Dr. Olivia West and Dr. Stone. Rose opens up to the new behavioral therapist, Dr. Daniel Miller, who is equally suspicious of the people who run the institution. After all, Daniel only took the position to investigate the questionable bloody slaying of his brother, Dr. Frank Miller, a prominent psychologist at Safe Haven. Against his professional judgment, Daniel becomes wrapped up in determining the thin line between Rose’s reality and her delusions….

It is in preproduction and still too soon to tell if it will indeed be a major hit, but all of the right elements are already coming into place. In addition to the proven talents of Kim Kopf both as a writer and actor also already attached to the project are Ian Harvie a comedian and actor well-known for his standup comedy as well as his role as Dale in the hit TV series ‘Transparent’ as well as actor, director, producer, writer and composer Jonathan Goldstein known for the hit Nickelodeon TV series ‘Josh and Drake.’ Discussions are already underway with at least one of Hollywood’s preeminent Directors in the thriller/horror genre. And Kim is highly confident that she will be able to complete the casting with some of the best in the business.

The executive team at Apple Road Films is small but strong with a proven track record in the world of entertainment and an unshakeable commitment to success. Kim Kopf is joined by Tisha Draft and Mike Stevins. Now keep this story handy so that when ‘Experiment 77’ hits the big screen you can recall that you heard about it here first.


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