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Help make The House of Lizzie Borden possible!

By Donna Spangler

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I have always appreciated the positive feedback and support that I have received from my readers at LA Splash. Some of you may know that in addition to writing, documenting, and researching about beauty, health, and lifestyle, I am also an actress and producer. One of my lifelong goals has always been to be able to independently produce features and maintain creative control over the final product.


Right now, I am working on a new film, “The House of Lizzie Borden”, which is slated to shoot in two weeks time (November 11th). It will be a horror/thriller that is loosely based off of the gruesome but true story of Lizzie Borden. Right now we are working within the confines of a shoestring budget and are barely able to pay all our crew members for their time and work even though we have essentially shaved off several parts of the budget just to get to where we are now. As a result, we have put up a campaign on IndieGoGo in order to cover the basic costs that are necessary to producing, shooting, editing, and marketing the film. I would be so absolutely grateful if you would head over to the site, http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-house-of-lizzie-borden, and help us make this film the best that it can be!

Any donation, large or small, would be so greatly appreciated and even if you can’t donate, please help us by spreading the word about this film!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Love, Donna

Published on Oct 30, 2013

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