Hair - The Intriguing and Gripping New Film Documentary

Award-winning filmmakers, Sasha and Guy Boudreaux debut their “Hair" raising new documentary


Sasha and Guy Boudreaux are award-winning documentary filmmakers who have written, directed and produced numerous TV shows and pilots, and continue to work in the areas of television, narrative and documentary film. The husband and wife duo aspire to present a different point of view in their films that is informative and thought-provoking.

The sensational new film documentary by Sasha and Guy Boudreaux


"Hair", their latest documentary, set to release in the fall of 2015, touches on the topic of defining one’s self through our hair… or lack of it. The fascinating and emotionally candid interviews with the on-camera participants are gripping, lending an unequivocal passionate feel to the film while the filmmakers present sensitive moments, leaving the viewer to look within and question their own feelings about their own hair.  The Boudreaux team are triumphant in their execution and succeed in helping the viewer look for a deeper understanding of who we are and how we define ourselves. "Hair" is a story of the human condition and of transformation. In this intriguing and captivating documentary, the filmmakers explore compelling thoughts like: What happens if we shave it off?  If we lose it from cancer treatment? How do we feel with a new hairstyle or color? Does it shape our personality?

From idea to paper to screen, the Boudreaux team have produced moving and inspiring documentaries, television shows and feature films. It was during the process of traveling around the world that inspired them to become filmmakers.

Capturing all aspects of life through the lens of the camera, their last feature documentary “Addicted: The Universal Language of Music” (now in distribution) won best documentary at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase in Beverly Hills. Recently, LIFE CHANGES Network included “Addicted: The Universal Language of Music” in their Top 10 List of Independent Films for 2014 that they believe can change the world. LIFE CHANGES Network prides itself on programming that looks for constructive solutions toward a better world for all and “Addicted” will be featured through the new year on the LIFE CHANGES Network website and in the LIFE CHANGES Theater.


The sensational new film documentary by Sasha and Guy Boudreaux


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