Guy Pierce and Felicity Jones Sizzle in “Breathe In” - Capsule Film Review

L-R: Felicity Jones as Sophie, an exchange student, and Guy Pierce as Keith, a musician/teacher who is drawn to this young seductress. Courtesy Photo

Generally speaking, the "Breathe In" narrative is quite formulaic, as we've seen the story of older man falls in love with younger woman and the painful consequences of these illicit liaisons, vis-à-vis the suffering wife and shocked family.  That said, what is particularly redeeming about this film is the exquisitely seductive relationship between Keith (Guy Pierce,) a bored, middle aged musician/teacher and Sophie (Felicity Jones,) a young foreign exchange student who has come to America to study music.  Keith’s family is hosting her and the mutual attraction is immediate.  He tries very hard to resist acting on his feelings, which are quite palpable.  Their magnetic attraction jumps off the screen and is quite compelling, with some surprising plot twists.  The acting by the rest of the ensemble is excellent and includes Amy Ryan and Mackenzie Davis.  All the characters are fully fleshed out with special kudos to Pierce, whose performance is quite riveting.  So for another look at a familiar story, "Breathe In" is an extremely well done variation on a theme.


Cohen Media Group

Written by: Drake Doremus & Ben York Jones

Directed by: Drake Doremus

Starring: Guy Pierce, Felicity Jones, Amy Bryan, MacKenzie David

Running Time:  96 Minute

Rating:  R

In General Release

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