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Global Green USA's Annual Millennium Awards - Celebs Support

By Amanda Alexandria (This person is no longer involved with Splash Magazines)

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Los Angeles Mayor Elect, Eric Garcetti - and former Global Green Millennium Award recipient - made one of his first post-election appearances at the organization’s awards dinner last night at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. Garcetti’s appearance and remarks helped Global Green celebrate environmental leadership and the importance of sustainability in the future of Los Angeles. Garcetti also discussed the tragic Santa Monica shootings and touched upon the ways in which we should deal with health and safety in our communities.

Fran Drescher

Ed Begley Jr.

Stunning Fran Drescher("The Nanny", "Happily Divorced") looked amazing! A survivor of cancer, her organization Cancer Scmancer is working to eliminate cancer in women. Fran exclaimed the benefits of going green for a healthier lifestyle! She recommends using all green cleaning products, and organic skincare to keep carcinogens away from the skin, "which is the largest organ in the body...", she notes. Laura Marano (Austin & Ally), Vanessa Marano (Switched at Birth), are helping their colleagues by going green on the sets of their hit shows! "When you're not home, turn off the air conditioning!", which is so practical and sure to save millions of calories of electric energy!


Fran Drescher and Global Green Attendees


Also extremely practical; G.W. Bailey (Major Crimes) has been going green since the 1950's! "When we were kids, we had a compost pile." Other attendees included Isaiah Washington (Go for Sisters), Marianne Williamson (Author & Founder of Project Angel Food), Elisabeth Rohm (The Client List), Cameron Silver (Founder/Co-Owner of Decades), Elizabeth Berkley (CSI Miami), Sebastian Copeland (Global Green USA Board Member), D.W. Moffett (Switched at Birth), and musical guest Spencer Day to name a few!


Ally and Vanessa Maran

Fran Drescher

Ed O'Neill

Other attendees included Philanthropist Tom Steyer and Sen. Kevin de Leon, Co-Chairs, Proposition 39 (The California Environmental Leadership Award), Danny Kennedy, Co Founder of Sungevity (The Corporate Environmental Leadership Award), Seane Corn, Founder, Off the Mat (The International Environmental Leadership Award), and Ben Goldhirsh, CEO & Co Founder, GOOD Worldwide (The Community Environmental Leadership Award).

Isaiah Washington, his wife Jenisa Washington

The stars were a pleasure to chat with, gorgeous as usual and it's fabulous to be a part of such a relevant cause!

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Published on Aug 25, 2017

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