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FUSIC FASHION SERIES DURING MAGIC FASHION EXPO: Fashion Live Series is being setup in stunning viewing destinations throughout Las Vegas

By Yenitza Munoz

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Imagen Cirque Du Soleil, music artists strutting down the catwalk, top electronic DJs spinning till 4AM, and there you have it; a vibrant depiction of a stunning fashion exhibition. This will be staged throughout Las Vegas during the fashion industry’s biggest week. MAGIC has long been a wholesale market where designers meet buyers. Fashion Live has proved in past events that if you want to draw attention and leave a lasting impression with your clothing brand, then it’s recommended to create eye-popping visuals in shows as they do in Milan, France to provoke the public. This is what Fusic stands for in Fashion. 


16 year old Fashion Designer Courtney Allegra 

The producers aim to draw lots of attention by presenting their event in four spectacular locations around Las Vegas. The show is created by TV Producer/Creator “Dallas T Momentum” (credits include shows on CBS, ABC, Direct TV, Fox Sports, Dish, Sky TV) and the fashion coordinator is “Parris Harris” whose credits include over 1000 fashion stages from Milan to Fashion Week NYC.







16 Year Old Designer/Celebrity: Courtney Allegra

This celebrity designer launched only a year ago at Fashion Week LA blowing up in the media , landing on NBC’s Today Show, and dressing many celebrities with an incredible collection.




V by Rob Bennett men’s Couture line is from Atlanta, Georgia abd is gaining attention of the fashion industry with its sleek men’s couture!

From American Idol, Swimsuit designer : Katrina Darrell

She got her name as American Idol “bikini girl” when she launched on American Idol and has launched a bikini swimwear line.


Canadian Designer Angel B

Canadian TV star, actress, and author is on a roll and will be launching her new collection at FUSIC.


11 Degrees by Courtney Allegra

16 year old designer Courtney Allegra has launched her surf, snowboard and beach wear line and is teaming up with some of the brightest talent from professional surfers (Nikki Viesins) to  snowboarders to launch this new segment of her brand.


Aros Crystos G.O.D.


MUSIC BY: DJ Group, Encounter(and other music groups TBA soon)

The Welch Brothers (“CBS The Industry TV Stars”) have collaborated with some of the best entertainment teams: From Twilight’s, “Imprint Entertainment” to One Republic’s songwriters, these dynamic brothers are launching their electro rock DJ Group, Encounter to a worldwide audience.

VIP All Access Tickets

-Includes wrist band for all events both days.

-Guaranteed front rows of seating

-Includes drink ticket at VIP receptions

-Red Carpet Access and photos on red carpet taken by our photographer

-VIP Tickets in advance $85.00 each.

($100 at the door if available)


-Buy tickets online at http://www.interpixfashionlive.com

Published on Aug 08, 2013

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