Fun TV Shows - Based on Comics You Can Binge Watch Over the Holiday Season


With just a few weeks to go until Christmas, and the weather getting ever cooler, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what fun television series you can binge watch during the festive period. If you’re a big fan of comic books, then you’re definitely in luck. The last twelve months has seen a huge range of new shows released that are based on comics, with even launching soon or currently in the works.

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If you’re keen to get your superhero cape on, it’s time to set up a handy streaming service so you can get access to all the latest and greatest content. Read on for some cool TV adaptations to add to your watch list once you’re ready to go.

Marvel’s Daredevil

A collaboration between Marvel and Netflix, the 2015-released show “Marvel’s Daredevil” has proven to be a whole lot more popular than the 2003 “Daredevil” movie starring Ben Affleck that revolved around the same character. The new television series premiered in April of this year on Netflix, and has already been renewed for a second season.

In “Marvel’s Daredevil,” we watch the two very different lives of Matt Murdock, also known as the Daredevil: his daily career as a lawyer, and his nightly pursuit of justice. Murdock (played by English actor Charlie Cox, a gentleman well known by many from his turn in the second and third seasons of “Boardwalk Empire”) was first introduced in Marvel comic books. He is a blind defence attorney who has honed his other senses, in particular amazing hearing abilities, in order to become a crime-fighting vigilante who works to take down the variety of drug lords, murderers and other baddies who are making his neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, a dangerous place to live.

Unlike many of the other superhero series and movies on the screen these days, the “Daredevil” TV show doesn’t need to rely on lots of computer-generated images to make the action work, since the hero doesn’t come from another planet or have super powers as such. This means that “Marvel’s Daredevil” has a fairly realistic, and also dark, gritty edge that has been getting rave reviews from fans.


If you love watching zombie-based shows that you should definitely check out the “iZombie” series which debuted earlier this year. Produced by The CW network, and created by the man behind the popular “Veronica Mars” television series, Rob Thomas, “iZombie” is loosely based on a DC Comic.

The show revolves around the life of Olivia Moore, or Liv, as she’s known to her close friends and family members. Once a promising young doctor, Liv has been turned into a zombie and lives an un-dead existence that involves having to eat human brains to survive.

Placed by Rose McIver, who viewers may recognize from her debut in the film adaptation of “The Lovely Bones,” Liv not only has a different diet to contend with, but also the chance that she could infect other people, as well as kill or injure them when she gets mad and “full-on zombie mode” sets in. In addition, she now has white hair and incredibly pale skin, due to her condition.

In order to try to do something useful with her new life and take advantage of her medical training, Liv starts work at a coroner’s office (where she can also help herself to a never-ending supply of brains to eat). This move has an unexpected consequence however, when she receives flashes of memories from the brains of the dead, and can use the insights to help solve crimes.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Just released all at once in November by Netflix, the first season of “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” chronicles the life of one of the lesser-known, and quite dark characters in the Marvel universe, the mysterious Jessica Jones. Readers were first introduced to Jones in a series of comic books created for adults called “Alias,” published from 2001 to 2004.

Played by Krysten Ritter in the TV show, Jessica Jones possesses the superpower of incredible strength (with the ability to jump really high), and wants to do good in the world but finds her superhero days cut short due to a tragedy. She now suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome and struggles to simply get through each day.

Jessica runs her own detective agency, named Alias Investigations, and tries to solve cases while also alternating between running from, and trying to pursue, a menace with mind-control powers who turned her life upside down in the past (a villain played by Dr Who’s David Tennant).

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