Marie's Story Film Review - An Early Helen Keller


Marie's Story - photo by Film Movement

Imagine realizing that your daughter is born deaf and blind?  Unable to communicate with the world around her, the Heurtins’ daughter, Marie, was uncontrollable.   In the 19th century, resources were not available as they are today.  Told that their daughter was mentally challenged, feeling quite powerless, the parents, desperate to keep her out of an asylum, resorted to the Larnay Institute in central France. 


Marie's Story - Photo by Film Movement

Run by the Sisters of Wisdom, an order of Catholic nuns, Larnay schooled deaf girls.  It was here that Marie meets the optimistic and persistent Sister Marguerite.  Despite the skepticism of her Mother Superior, Marguerite intends to bring Marie out of her dark world.  With faith and love, the sister embarks on a courageous journey that changes lives around her forever.

The engrossing movie will leave you teary-eyed and full of hope. 


Marie's Story - photo by Film Movement

Often seen as the French Helen Keller, Marie’s story was featured in Louis Arnould’s book, A Soul In Prison.  The young girl would progress not only as a student but in the end, as a teacher of others like her.  The Larnay Institute, which still operates, serves the same population using the same techniques that Sister Marguerite perfected.


Marie's Story - Sister Marguerite and Marie -photo from the Insitute archives

Winner of numerous awards, this heartfelt  movie, Marie’s Story, based on true events, was written by Jean Pierre Aremis and Philippe Blasband, directed by Jean-Pierre Ameris, and stars Isabelle Carre  as Sister Marguerite,  Ariana Rivoire as Marie Huertin;  Brigitte Catillon as  Mother Superior;  Noemi Churlet as Sister Raphaelle;  Gilles Treton as Mr. Huertin and Laure Duthilleul as Ms. Huertin.


Marie's Story - photo by Film Movement

Not only is this film a story of hope and courage, but one of rebirth.  The movie was produced by  Dennis Carot and Sophie Revil , Virginie Saint-Martin was the director of photography, and edited by Anne Souriau. Emmanuelle Brechet and  Alexandra Bredin did the make up while Daniele Colin-Linard worked the costume & wardrobe.

Distributed by Film Movement, it has been released in numerous countries to high acclaim. In Los Angeles, it will open on May 29, 2015 at the Lammle Royal.  For other cities and screenings go to the distributors site.  The movie is 94 minutes long in French with English subtitles.




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