Film Review - Is that You? - Do We Make The Wrong Turn Or Is It All Planned?



Is That You? Photo from Hey Jude Productions

Short listed for the Oscars for his HBO documentary Dani Menkin from Hey Jude Productions releases the film Is That You?  As  director, writer, producer he developed a sweet bitter sweet romance about wrong turns, regrets and solutions. 


Is That You? Photo from Hey Jude Productions

Having just lost his job as a film projectionist, 60 year old Ronnie (popular Israeli actor Alon Aboutboul“London Has Fallen”, “Dark Knight Rises"), decides to travel from Israel to the US to seek out his long-lost love, Rachel (Suzanne Sadler) and fulfill the promise that they had made - to be together on her 60th birthday.


When his car stalls along the road, he's rescued by young Myla (Naruna Kaplan de Macedo), an aspiring filmmaker who is making a documentary about regrets people have in their lives, and wants to interview Ronnie and document his trip. The unlikely pair decide to travel together in search of Rachel and to complete Myla’s film.


Is That You? Photo from Hey Jude Productions

Everyone wants to be in the movies and Myla takes advantage of that to charm people that they meet - including the policeman who sings for them rather than giving the pair a ticket or realizing the van is stolen.



Is That You? Photo from Hey Jude Productions

There are several tender moments between the young girl - who is also searching for closure - and Ronnie's desire to find his lost love.  Even after Myla finds her father, Ronnie still hesitates. Can he take that road to find his former girlfriend and will she still want him? 


Is That You? Photo from Hey Jude Productions

The picture is done mostly in English, but with some Hebrew and English subtitles.  Bruno Landsberg served as the  executive  producer  while Bruce Francis Cole did beautiful  cinematography.


          Winner of the Israeli Academy Award (Best Independent Film), the New York open takes place at Cinema Village on August 26th while the Los Angeles open will be at the Laemmle Theaters in September 2016.


          Dani’s latest documentary, ON THE MAP, tells the story of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team and its road to winning the European Cup Basketball Championship, just had its World Premiere at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and will be released in the US in November 2016.


          More information about Is That You? can be found on the Hey Jude Productions site.




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