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The SET Awards


When I was in school, I told people I wanted to go to space as a doctor at a space hospital.  I was discouraged because it wasn't appropriate for young girls to have a career goal like that.  Told I had to chose between being a nurse or being a teacher, I was crushed. 


Today, it is different.  Because of the SET (Science Engineering and Technology) groups held in grammar schools, high schools and colleges across the country, more and more young women are being encouraged into scientific fields.  This is also partly due to the media influence on young lives.  Since the ever popular CSI show had its start nearly ten years ago, there have been more more students deciding that they wanted to go into crime analysis.  The same holds true for the TV Show "Bones" where a forensic anthropologist is the star.  It is therefore the wish of the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) to honor those shows that encourage young people in the art of making a difference. 


The SET Awards - Larry Deutchman

The annual SET awards (this being the third annual) are presented to movies, TV series, radio, comic book, television news programs, print and online journalism as well as books for accurate and impactful entertainment.  CEO Brian Dyak and Larry Deutchman introduced us to the world of SET.  


The SET Awards - Adam Savage (Mythbusters) and Bill Nye (The Science Guy)

The award program, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and hosted by Bill Nye (the Science Guy) and Alison Haislip (The Morning After) included awards for films - Star Trek Into Darkness, and World War Z , TV series - The Big Bang Theory for comedy, and Elementary for drama.  They also honored Grey's Anatomy and NCIS.  Charles Johnson EP of NCIS accepted for the show while Bill Prady accepted for The Big Bang Theory. 


The SET Awards - Charles Johnson EP NCIS

For TV movie, they honored Space Warriors from Brookwell/McNamara with Sean McNamara as one of the EPs.  Sean also wrote and directed the movie.  Escape From Planet Earth won the children's production award, while in non-fiction, The Big Brain Theory  from the Discovery Channel, directed by Matt Novello and Mythbusters with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, as well as Nova: Season 40 executive produced by Paula S. Apsell won the awards. 


The SET Awards - Brian Dyak, President EIC

Internet was also considered and this year The Science of the Summer Olympics  with EP Soraya Gage won, while the Fantastic Four "Road Trip" won for best comic book storyline and The Jackhammer Elegies by Stefan Jaeger won for books.    Bones episode "The Bod in the Pod" by Pat Charles won the SET scientist award and Shane Black's  Iron Man 3 received SET engineer award.  SET technologist award went to Person of Interest: Season 2 - a J.J. Abrams production and the Bob Gurr Leadership and Inspiration Award was presented to Bryan Singer , director and producer of X-Men,  X2, Superman Returns and the upcoming X-Men:Days of the Future Past. 


The SET Awards- Omar Miller (CSI: Miami)

Some of the presenters included Kate Linder (The Young and The Restless), Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), Omar Miller (CSI: Miami), Cara Santa Maria (Take Part Live), Booboo Stewart (X-Men:Days of the Future Past), Tanner Foust (Top Gear), Christine Gulbranson (Big Brain), Claudia Wells and Dana Workman (Haunted) as well as Dan Bucatinsky (Scandal.)


The SET Awards - Crystal Hsieh of Techie Girls

Three teams of kids from middle schools also presented their programs. These included Maddie Emslie, who TARC (Teen Awareness Rocket Challeng), and Crystal Hsieh from Techie Girls.


The SET Awards- Bill Nye and Alison Haislip

EIC, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1983 by leaders of the entertainment industry to bring the power and influence of the industry to bear on communication about health and social issues and has become the chief pioneer for entertainment outreach so that writers, directors and broadcasters can now educate while entertaining.  It's the EIC that provides experts for the film and television groups  when they are researching aspects of diseases or scientific questions.   Besides the SET awards, they also sponsor the PRISM awards, which showcases accurate portrayals of prevention, treatment, and recovery from drug/alcohol and tobacco use and other mental health concerns.  Both provide positive and non-stereotypical portrayals of science, engineering and technology strengthening how scientists and engineers are seen in the media. 


Generation Next  pairs experts and/or creative writers with rising stars to encourage film and television student awareness about accuracy and authenticity in storytelling.  Since it's inception, more than 20 universities and colleges have participated and the content has now expanded to include High school video production.  The program is a division of TEAM UP - Tools for Entertainment and Media, which is funded by the Mental Health Services Act, which also provides services for the media. 


The SET Awards - Kate Linder (The Young and The Restless)

Sponsors of the award luncheon and the SET programs include Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Rolls Royce, Lockeed Martin, DEG (Digitial Entertainment Group), WIF (Women in Film), NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), VES (Visual Effects Society), The Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors, NATPE, WGAW (Writer's Guild West) Film Independent, PGA (Producers Guild of American), EMA, International 3D Society, Cable (National Cable and Telecommunications Association), National Council for Women In Television, Encore, Motion Picture Association of America, and Independent Film and Television Alliance as well as the Entertainment Industries Council. 


Take the next step to change the world. Encourage your children about Science, Engineering and Technology.   For more information about EIC or to ask help with your research on a story, their West Coast Office is at 111 N First St, #301, Burbank, Ca 91502, 818 861-7782. 

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