Elliot Loves Film Review - Official Selection of 2012 Outfest


Monte Bezell (l.) and Fabio Costaprado in "Elliot Loves"

Like most people, Elliot (Fabio Costaprado) is looking for love. A low-level employee in a night club, Elliott is looking to score big. He doesn’t go home with lots of boys because every time he is very certain that “this guy is the one.” His latest adventure is with Joe (Monte Bezell). He’s open, hot, and attentive, he pays for meals, and most importantly, Elliot’s diarrhea of the mouth does not seem to bother Joe.


Elliot spends the night, thinking he has found something real. When in fact he turns out to be Joe’s latest one night hook up in an open relationship Joe has with his boyfriend.


Elena Goode & Quentin Araujo in "Elliot Loves"


The entire episode sends Elliot back to when he was nine years old, a time when he was struggling with his identity and his love-hate relationship with his mother (Elena Goode) (loving and protective of his mom, hating the abusive losers that she dated.) The film toggles between past and present, as Elliot haplessly repeats the same mistakes, repeating behavior fueled in pains and traumas of his childhood. In relationships with boy after boy, Elliot continually sabotages himself in his desperate search for love.


Animated sequence by Andres Gutierrez


Elliot Loves is a charming funny jaunt into the emotional misadventures of a twenty-year-old Dominican boy. Complete with a surprising and vibrant animation sequence, Elliot Loves gives a playful sideways wink to the many shades of queer Latino culture, the good the bad and the hysterical.


Fabio Costaprado in "Elliot Loves"


Terrific performances are given by lead actor Fabio Costaprado and Elena Goode as Elliot’s mother. Quentin Araujo’s portrayal of Young Elliot is quite inspired, conveyed with weight and wisdom. Well Done. The entire cast is a company of colorful, likeable and solidly executed performances. Director Terracino does a great job of blending the tragic with the whimsical in telling the tale of a Elliot’s journey to manhood and self-love. Well Done.


Elliot Loves is the quintessential Latino tale of a boy searching for love; from his mother, from the world and from within himself.


Elliot Loves is an official selection of Outfest: The 30th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival happening July 12-22, 2012 in Downtown Los Angeles and in select theatres around Los Angeles & Hollywood.



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