Edward Bass - Working with Legends

Golden Globe nominee and Circle of Excellence winner Edward Bass, producer/writer/director, got his start in entertainment at an early age as a listener.”I loved being entertained,” Bass remarks, “It was the Hollywood Bowl, the Greek Theatre, the Dorothy Chandler -  Mom knew I needed to be surrounded with plays and shows.”  They were either backstage after Sinatra at Caesars or sitting with Ed Sullivan; Edward knew he wanted to contribute to entertainment.

It was the legendary Stanley Kramer who opened the door toa film for him, starting out by helping create a sequel to IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD II,  just before Stanley passed away. The film is now slated to begin filming in 2013 with Mrs. Stanley Kramer.

Anthony Hopkins in BOBBY

Sir Anthony Hopkins also produced with Bass and starred in Bobby alongside William H. Macy, Sharon Stone, Shia LaBoeuf, Demi Moore, and Harry Belafonte (who Bass learned to water ski from as a child).

Bass along with Kevin Spacey   produced MINI’S FIRST TIME, Guillermo Del Toro on WHILE SHE WAS OUT, and Peter Berg on THE HILL CHRIS CLIMBED: THE GRIDIRON HEROES STORY. He received critical acclaim from  his film COME EARLY MORNING, starring Ashley Judd, which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and another first time dirstor Joey Lauren Adams.  

Producer Kevin Spacey

Bass will also produce  HOLY LAND, written by James Franco and D.J.Waldie, a mesmerizing account of how the world’s largest suburb was created.  BLACK DOG, RED DOG is based on the novel of the same name. Another project, WRONG NUMBER, stars Abigail Spencer, Andrew Leeds, Matt Gould, Griffin Matthews, Camille Chen, and Eric Roberts.  These films will be produced in conjunction with NYU and UCLA.

Bass states, “I enjoy teaching, which occupies a lot of time, and working with first time directors. It will be gratifying to work with these prestigious universities to help their film students obtain real life experience in the film world.  THE HUNT will be directed by Jeremy Workman, another first time director and co-writer of the script, and I am pleased to be working with Norman Mailer’s son, Michael, as Producer.”
He is currently preparing to direct WELCOME II HOLLYWOOD, a mockumentary a la SPINAL TAP, based on the adventures of two gorgeous, but zany real life Slovakian Twiin singers with script also penned by Bass.  Victorino Noval also Exec Produces on this one. Bass was also pleased to be asked recently to direct LIVING AGAIN, an inspirational film also loosely based on real life characters and produced by Ranes/Ellis Entertainment in conjunction with Wayne Duband. His latest foray is into television, where he offers another story based on true life DETECTIVE M.  39,000 policemen patrol the street of New York City and only one unit and one man deal with this one side of the law.

When asked how he would handle such a load of projects, Bass responded “I know this seems like a lot of projects, but I can’t seem to turn down a great script or great talent.

Currently, Bass is preparing the stage variant of BELLE and is continually writing “TheColumn” for syndication..

Edward Bass Filmography

WELCOME II HOLLYWOOD - Writer/Producer - 2012 pre-production -Executive  Producer Victorino Noval
DETECTIVE M - Writer/Producer- 2013 pre-production (teleivision) - - Executive Producer Victorino Noval
THE HUNT - Writer/Producer - 2013 pre-production
BLACK DOG, RED DOG - producer 2012 pre-production - Executive Producer Victorino Noval
WRONG NUMBER -producer - 2012 pre-production - Executive Producer Victorino Noval
HOLY LAND - producer 2013 pre-production - Executive Producer Victorino Noval
LIVING AGAIN -  Director/producer -  2012 pre-production - Executive Producer Victorino Noval
BELLE - Writer/Director/Producer - 2012 pre-production - Executive Producer Victorino Noval
TAR - Producer 2012 (filming)  - - Executive Producer Victorino Noval
PONZI - Executive Producer - 2012 pre-production
AS GOOD AS DEAD- Producer - 2010
THE KILLING JAR - Executive Producer - 2010
WHILE SHE WAS OUT - Co-Executive Producer - 2008
BOBBY - Producer - 2006
MINI’S FIRST TIME - Producer - 2006
COME EARLY MORNING- Producer - 2006
SLINGSHOT - Producer - 2005


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