DJ ENCOUNTER is spinning while ‘winning’ as headliners at “FUSIC” Fashion Series for MAGIC in Vegas

Things keep evolving in a forward direction for CBS Stars Josh and JB Welch ( “The Industry”), once written for San Diego Magazine as one of the top 50 people to watch, and getting to  collaborate with top musicians like One Republic’s Tim Myers,Miley Cyrus’s and for P ’Diddy’s producers; who made their music more defined. When they launched their band R.O.G. in 2012, they went to “Youtube top 5” the first day. Today, JB Welch, one of the main leaders of the DJ group is leading the launch with what he describes as electronic “Hard Step”, which he defines as ‘Daf Punk’ meets ‘Skrillex sounds’. When you hear their original track “Winning” with Charlie Sheen’s famous quote “I am winning” mixed-up in the beats, you will know these guys are just as confident their music will hit the jackpot for them with capital in electronic music. The two added local San Diego DJ and longtime friend Jeff Jacob to the mix. Now they are out hitting-up clubs such as the posh W Hotel in Hollywood to The Vegas Scene.  Encounter is really spinning into the Universe as presenting DJ’s at an incredible fashion series being lined up during MAGIC called FUSiC. Fusic stands for Fashion Meets Music and thats where this DJ group will be stepping in.

( L to R) Josh Welch, JB Welch and Jeff Jacob make up the Hard Dance style group Encounter


JB Welch, the oldest brother of Josh Welch, cites influences for the DJ group including Daf Punk, Deadmaus, Justice, Show Teck as his influences. JB, his brother, and Jeff don’t just spin, they produce original music. When asked what genre they fit, they respond stating they’re aiming for new sounds in the electronic world of hard dance (electronic). The Welch brothers are no strangers to music. They have been awarded top-pop duo artist previously by the LA Music Awards and got off to a big start in music by attending the Latin Billboards Showcase in 2010, just a month after they launched their original music group in 2009.

DJ Encounter will be playing two super exclusive Fashion filled VIP MAGIC Fashion Expo after parties .

When: Sunday August 18th, 2013 9PM to 12PM

           Monday, August 19th, 10PM to 1AM.

Nevertheless as stated previously, the group will be leading an incredible fashion series aptly called FUSIC at Magic on August 18th through the 21st. They launch their electro single “Winning” a quip of Charlie Sheen’s epic “I am winning”. They will headline the entire event and the fashion show.


The Welch Brothers and their DJ Group Encounter are popular in the fashion industry and have blown away audiences at Hollywood’s Top Designer Awards during Fashion Week in 2012, hitting the stage as rock musicians. During Fashion Week LA 2013 they spun for a collection of designers.


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