Death - It's Not What You Think It Is

Death: Ghost at the Special Tree

Winner of Best Director and Audience Awards at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival (London UK), Death- It's Not What You Think is a mysterious comedy sci-fi drama that is written and directed

by Martin Gooch,  a British TV veteran and BAFTA winner. 


Death: Martin Gooch and Linal Haft

The film, which stars Leslie Philips (Harry Potter), Paul Freeman (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Linal Haft (Moulin Rouge),  Clara Watson, Parr Ben Shockley, Jonathan Hansler, Nick Moran, and Michael M. Kell, tells the story of four estranged siblings who, upon  learning of their inventor father's sudden death, must come together to  discover what happened. 


Death: Clara Watson Parr as Eloise Jones

Once at the house, they find that their uncle has foreclosed on the property and they have the ticking time bomb of only four days to do their search.  They realize that if they can't come together and overcome their differences, than all will be lost. 


Death: Ben Shockley

Searching for clues, they soon realize that they father was working on some secretive creations.  Was it time travel?  He had always been fascinated by that.  Or was it -- well, they're not sure.  Complicating their investigation is the occasional sightings of their dead brother whom their father was accused of killing. 


Death: In Dad's study

When they finally break into the study, they discover a strange looking machine which, it turns out, communicates with the dead but only works on diamond energy.  In order to obtain these, one of the brothers must make a drastic decision to be with his family or continue with his relationship. 


Death: Paul Freeman

The characterization is crisp and clever while the dialogue is both tart and funny. 


Death: Linal Haft as Uncle Simon

A wonderfully British, dry humor and all, Death is a charming,  and funny film that's worthy of a few hours of escape time. 


Death, just recently screened at the Hollywood Reel Film Fest, is available for worldwide distribution through Leomark Studios, LLC.   For further information contact Erik Lundmark at 818 645 8922 or [email protected]




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