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Complications - USA Network at ATX Television Festival

By Yenis Monterrey

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The new Original series Complications premieres on Thursday, June 18th at 9/8C on USA Network from the creator and executive producer Matt Nix (“Burn Notice”). The first season of Complications has ten episodes and will have its two-hour premiere on Thursday that includes the first pilot and the second episode. The third and following episodes will be also available on VOD (Video on Demand).

ATX Television Festival kicked off with the premiere of USA's Complications during the opening night and executive producer Matt Nix attended with the members of the cast Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl), Beth Riesgraf (Leverage), and Mike Horowitz who serves as co-executive producer. During the opening night of ATX TV Festival #ATXTVs4 the creator and cast attended the opening night red carpet at the State Theater in Austin, TX.

Complications, the newest USA series is about an ER doctor John Ellison (Jason O’Mara “Vegas,” “Terra Nova”) whose daughter recently died from cancer. While still dealing with the emotional effects from the his daughter's death he unexpectedly becomes a hero by saving a young boy's life who is involved a drive-by shooting.  Dr. Ellison finds out that the boy is the son of an influential gang leader and is still a target of revenge and marked for death. Compelled to help the boy, he compromises his morals and commits himself to do whatever it takes to keep him safe at the Samaritan Hospital and often does the wrong thing for the right reasons. He soon discovers that his own life and his outlook on medicine will probably never be the same.

The series also features Gretchen (Jessica Szohr, a former “Gossip Girl”)  as reckless a but capable nurse, John’s wife, Samantha (Beth Riesgraf, “Leverage”), who is attempting to support her husband but is also struggling with her own issues, and Dr. Ellison's co-worker, Dr. Bridget O’Neill (Lauren Stamile , “Burn Notice”), who finds herself dealing with the doctor's actions and choices.

Check out the latest promo for Complications, scheduled to premiere on Thursday, June 18 on USA Network. —We can't wait!— Chect the interview with Splash Magazine by Yenis Monterrey.

The concept for the show came about after Mat Nix, the "Burn Notice" creator volunteered at a hospital and witnessed a gang member break into his Echo Park home.

Jessica Szohr plays the character of nurse—Gretchen Polk who has quick temper, impulse control issues, and courage that borders on recklessness. She is a wild card both inside and outside the hospital.  Jessica Szohr compares Gretchen's relationship with John to Batman and Robin's, "We need each other.” Jessica says, “Gretchen's very tough and makes decisions right then and there, while John's very structured and wants to plan everything out, so that kind of gets on her nerves sometimes. But we make a good team and it's exciting.” Jessica has always been a fan of Matt Nix and when she read the script “Complications,” she thought that it was incredible and said, "I really fall in love with the character of Gretchen, because it was something different that I have done before and I felt that I was ready for more strong and mature roles.” Jessica has worked as an actress for four or five years in the TV Series — Gossip Girls, when she was in her early twenties and in New York City (Pop Culture TV Series) Fashion, where music and a beautiful young cast were the main attraction of the show. Now the thirty year old Jessica is working in Complications with people who have family and children. She feels the experience has been great since she is playing a deeper and more mature role. She said, “Gretchen doesn’t care what people think about her, she goes after what she wants even when does the wrong thing for the right reasons. In Complications you won’t know what to expect.”

Beth Riesgraf who plays Samantha Ellison, a real estate lawyer, the wife of Dr. John Ellison, and mother of her young son Oliver, has been valiantly struggling to move forward and keep her family together in the wake of her eight year old daughter Becky’s death. Beth said that after she read the script and the part of Samantha Ellison she became very excited!  She had an audition for the role and got an offer. She said, “I was interested in the role of Samantha because Matt really knows how to write roles for women and men, but especially for women. Every character in the show is layered and all have all amazing art and are strong, fierce, and committed to save what they love. Samantha Ellison is a character who is strong, smart, and determined to protect the ones she loves."

Beth talked about experience of working on a television show and said, “It’s like an adventure and the audience is trying to figure out what’s happening and I felt the same.” Beth said that she was living moment to moment and creating the character and learning about the role at the same time. Beth said that her character Samantha, after having lost a child is trying to hold the family together also has a little secret of her own. Everyone is making mistakes and trying to do the right thing at the same time.

The show was shot in Atlanta and everyone on the team lives in a different city, so Matt Nix started to name the shoot, “Complications camp.”  He said, “The location brought everybody together.”  Matt Nix really loves the location of Atlanta for his TV show, he likes the weird neighborhoods and the freeways in Atlanta.

USA Network is reaching out to millennials. USA Network understands that audience demographics are changing and that it's important to understand the viewing trends to make a TV series successful. It's offering digital programing to reach more viewers, especially millennials who are embracing the non-traditional TV streaming platforms.

Complications TV series will be intense and exciting crime thriller for viewers. Complications is a story about an ordinary doctor who suddenly becomes a hero and how his choices and decisions change his own life and the lives of everyone around him.

According to Nix, "The show is about all of the things that come out of this one decision that this doctor makes. The idea in this show is that nothing that anybody does comes without complications." There's love stories, family and gang fights, and saving people lives with a lot of action, stress, and drama to keep the audience going (interested, disquisitive and puzzled).

What would do if you find yourself in the same situation as John? Are you excited to see Complications?

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Photos and videos by John Gutierrez 

Published on Jun 14, 2015

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