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How does one make their cinematic dreams come true? The future looks friendly for emerging filmmakers, searching for the means and mechanisms through which to launch their passion projects. I sat down with the 22 year old actress, Samantha Michelle, to discuss her latest project - THAT BRUNETTE OVER THERE. Samantha and her team have discovered and endeavor to illuminate the moment of Marilyn Monroe's discovery - an encounter so few are aware of - and tell the story of the young Norma Jean Dougherty, in their short film, scheduled to shoot in Bakersfield! California at the end of the month.

She was approached by the filmmaker and the writer/director of this project, Elliot London, who wanted to work with her to come up with a way to show the world who Norma Jean truly was and had hoped she would also take on the challenge of playing this incredibly complex character, which she explains she was immediately excited by. The two together engaged in intense research as they sought to select the perfect episode in this young woman's experience that would effectively capture who she was and how she became who we remember her to be. "Elliot was transfixed with this image of Marilyn Monroe working in a radioplane factory, which she in fact did whilst her husband was off at war," and I was particularly interested in investigating the intensity and the effect of her physical beauty and sensuality. I was also curious about who, and why and what brought her to Hollywood.

And then we read about this character, David Conover, the first professional photographer to ever take her photograph and then simply, we just knew, this is the encounter we have to expose." And that was that, she concludes - this is a girl who gets an idea in her head, runs with it, and does everything and anything to make it happen. "This is a story," she summarizes, "about a young woman discovering her beauty and the power it beholds, and about the effect of energy - how one can inspire intrigue in others by way of simply possessing confidence in themselves. Further, it evidences what I believe to be true about the world - things happen when you least expect it. You're thrust upon a path you never knew existed, simply by way of one specific encounter. In a moment, everything can change. One person can have that effect. And all there is to do, is to hope to find yourself in that right place at that right time and, have faith that the world or the universe will make sure you're exactly where you need to be to go where you're meant to go." It seems Samantha has found a way to use this story, based on actual events, to prove her own philosophy about the world and how it works. "It's a truly promising point, and a beautiful message I want to share," she says.

The team has just launched their indigogo funding campaign and are hoping to raise $9000 to finance the project. They're pulling favors left, right and center to reduce the budget as best as possible, whilst maintaining the integrity of the project and ensuring that the final product is as beautiful and inspiring as they envision it to be. As an incentive, sponsors of the campaign will be entered into a draw to win a free trip and two nights accommodation in Toronto during the film festival and will be invited to attend the film's intimate, private premier screening at the legendary Windsor Arms Hotel.

You can support this project by visiting:

Let's help this young actress reveal the real woman, seemingly forgotten or rather replaced by the memory of the character - the wildly temping seductress - she became.    


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