Civil Rights Drama "Freedom Summer" Set To Start Filming Fall 2015

Freedom Summer

After Mark Bacci traveled to Mississippi this year to research the upcoming film “Freedom Summer”, he realized how detailed this production would be. 


During his travels Bacci discussed the events of the summer of 1964, also known as "Freedom Summer", with families who were there when young students from the North traveled down to help educate African Americans about their newly-given right to vote. Bacci learned that during this dark period in American history, families that housed the students were faced with corruption and violence. These families and students, however, bravely met that adversity with tenacity and courage, forever changing the civil rights movement.


Bacci wrote “Freedom Summer” using these first-person accounts and his own research, creating a story that honored the courageous members of the Freedom Summer movement. This film is being produced by Suzanne DeLaurentiis, co-produced by Maria Hanson and associate produced by Arvid Edward. Freedom Summer is slated to go into production in late 2015.

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