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CineMoiUS: Daphna Edwards Ziman (President US) and Rod Sherwood (CEO US)


On her book tour for bestselling "Gray Zone," a bored Daphna Edwards Ziman turned on French TV and was immediately fascinated by the program she was seeing.  "I have to bring this to America," she thought.  ..and so she has. 


The station, Cine Moi, originally founded by British -based entrepreneur Oliver Bengough, a life style station that showed not only classic movies, but thrillers, fashion, film festivals and more, also had the same wish.  Together with Rod Sherwood, who now serves as Cinemoi's USA chairman and CEO, the three determined film buffs brought their proposal to Direct TV. 


CineMoiUS: Oliver Bengough, CEO CineMoi

At first, Direct TV said no, but then realized that they had to change their image and this would do just that.  So Monday, September 17, 2012, Direct TV aired on Channel 259, the first of what looks like to be a successful match.    Like the French version, the American brand will show a variety of films - many never seen before!  As Daphna explained to me, because the studios wanted to keep their brands narrowly focused, they never showed Rita Hayworth's "Gilda, The Lady from Shanghai."  It wasn't in keeping with the sexy vamp that they had portrayed her in other movies. 


CineMoiUS: Francine and Marc LeChat of CSA

At launch, other movies as Contempt with Brigitte Bardot and Jack Palance or Dangerous Beauty with Naomi Watts and Jacqueline Bissett will be shown as well as Roman Polanski's Repulsion with Catherine Deneuve and period dramas as Joaqauin Phoenix, Two Lovers.  Behind the scenes will be shown by Fellini: I'm A Born Liar by Damian Pettigrew and Alegria with Frank Langella.  Decade defining classics as Jack Nicholson's Five Easy Pieces.   Almost all the movies will be in English, except for the Wednesday foreign fest.  There will be epics, thrillers, dramas, romance, film noir, bio pics, couture and much more. 


CineMoiUS: Laura Harring

Transporting viewers to glamorous world events, they  will also be taken into the fashion world and not just the runways, but behind the scenes look at design and construction of the gowns.   They will experience Paris, Milan, New York, etc.


In the two and a half weeks since it began airing, the station has received accolades from everywhere.   "Reality TV is dulling down America," says Rod Sherwood.  "We are bringing culture back to Americans with our high style network." 


CineMoiUS: Deborah Hayter of Children Uniting Nations

With its own top quality in-house productions,  Cinemoi is also creating a slate of original programming.  "Stars of the Silver Screen" will air at noon, once a week, spotlighting exclusive one-on-one interviews with top actors and filmmakers.  "Our vision," said Olly Bengough, is to bring the exciting world of cinema and fashion to people's home across America in a way that has never been seen before." 


America, get ready for a treat. 


Unfortunately, the station, right now, is only available on Direct TV, but they hope shortly to expand to other platforms.  Meanwhile, more information can be had at




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