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Food Network’s new docu-reality series, CHEF HUNTER features celebrity chef Recruiter, Carrie McCully.  Carrie places new chefs at Michelin star restaurants around the country.  She receives resumes from all over the world.  Most chefs have studied at a school like the French Culinary Institute and have an extensive resume of top restaurants.


Food Network's Chef Hunter with contestant David Alvarez Photo Courtesy of Food Network

Not only is it important for a chef to create delicious meals in the kitchen, but he/she also must be able to lead a kitchen staff.   A chef is like the captain of the ship and if the kitchen goes down the Executive Chef goes down with it.  The Brigade organizational system of a kitchen is where each individual in the kitchen has a different task like a sous chef or a prep cook.


Chef Carlos Llaguno,Chef Hunter Host, Carrie McCully and Les Halles Owner, Phillipe Lajaunie - Photo Courtesy of Food Network

Carrie sees many candidates with different backgrounds.  She says looking at resumes is just not enough. Owners don’t like to see chefs who don’t stay in one place very long.  On Chef Hunter, each week, two unemployed chefs audition for a restaurant owner by cooking two proteins, one appetizer and one dessert.  Carrie noted that this is a very realistic inside view of the selection process.


It’s also great to have a mentor show you the ropes.  If he or she is a James Beard award winner so much the better.  Restaurant owners are not interested in young chefs with TV cooking shows on their resume.  These days with all the culinary shows like Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star and Hell’s Kitchen,  new chef’s just want to be a star with their own cooking show.  Everyday restaurant life is not so glamorous.


Carrie McCully says that often a restaurant will need someone immediately.  She is rushed to bring in her best candidates on a moment’s notice.  There is no script on Chef Hunter.  That is why it’s called a docu-reality series.  Chefs need to be passionate about food they’re cooking.  Otherwise they will do a mediocre job.  A happy chef is a successful chef.  The chefs on this show are all out of work, if they get the job it will change their lives.


Carrie McCully Culinary Recruiter and host for Chef Hunter on Food Network

Carrie is concerned about the high obesity statistics of children in America.  She was shocked to learn that schools consider pizza a vegetable.


A chef also needs to know his way around the city he is in. It is important to know where the local farmer’s market is so they can cook fresh and seasonal food.


Chef Hunter can be seen Thursday night at 10 PM on Food Network.

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