CEO of Complete Ascentials, Matthew David Hurtado: From Rock Bottom to Rock Star Self-Made Millionaire

I love rags to riches stories but there are definitely some that stand out from the crowd. Matthew David Hurtado's story is most certainly one of them. There seems to be a common thread amongst many of the amazing people who’ve changed the world and that shared trait is the perspective they hold of life. We can all go through times of being down on our luck and times when we’re flying high but it’s the ones who know that personal power and the belief they can (and deserve) to achieve anything they desire that separates the pioneers from the crowd.

Matthew and I met recently and very synchronistically. I truly believe that life has much to do with divine timing and paying attention to the breadcrumbs as they appear is key to making the most of life. Normally when I write articles like this, I do it in question and answer form but in this case, Matthew tells his story best and I’ve let him have the floor for this one. I promise you’ll walk away with a big smile on your face and a renewed sense of inspiration after reading it through his vantage point :) Take it away, Matthew…

My initiation began at birth.  Doctors told my mother I wouldn't live with underdeveloped lungs, being born two months early.  At age 2, my mother and I went out a car windshield from a drunk-driving head-on collision - at 55 MPH.  At age 8, I had a near-death drowning experience.

I always felt drawn to the supernatural, feeling it was, well... natural.

Something inspired me to retain the ability to feel things.  They call this clairsentience.  I had it since being a young kid and never lost it.  I was astral traveling from as early as I can recall and "seeing" my future years ahead of time.  My mom tells me that I always rose above circumstances and became victorious.  I told her that we all do this, but recognizing it within yourself is the key to harnessing the power - own it.  

Life refined my abilities as an empath and healer after attending the prestigious school of hard-knocks, many times.  Each time, the stakes were higher and the lessons more perplexing.  

The ante raised up at age 19 when I developed bulimia and anorexia.  I believe I picked up this illness from an ex-girlfriend - minds mingle.  Most people don't give credit to how psychic communication can influence sickness and health.  It baffled my intellect when I manifested someone else's disease, and she gradually got better?!  Seemingly trapped in this horrible state-of-being for five years, I finally broke free.  I remembered my spiritual nature; creating my miracle healing where I have been 100% free from all eating disorders, triggers, etc., for over 14 years now.   

Just as that season ended, I began searching for God.  I only cared about God.  I wasn't religious, but witnessing POWER over-and-over again in my life experience made me drawn to the source of the sorcery

One day, I visited a church where a woman in her 80's was speaking prophetic words over others.  I intuitively felt that she was very genuine.  Out of the crowd, she called me out and told me, in advance, that I was going to 'go through hell' and solve the unsolvable riddle.  She urged me never to fear as God would be with me.  I felt she was a bit late on her predictions.  My life already put me through some tough things; I was enjoying a high from breaking free from the last illness.  

This wise woman obviously saw things that eluded my awareness...

Life had more tough lessons for me yet; at age 28 I was stricken with panic disorder and by age 30 I was bed-ridden for two years with late stage Lyme's disease.  Having to become a scholar (or die) once again, I created miraculous recoveries from both these illnesses too.  Every recovery forced me into acceptance, fearlessness, confidence and perseverance.  Fear is the fountain of disease, whether its lack of ease in your body or your finances.  

Along the way, I endured severe financial hardships due to the illnesses.  I went through two bankruptcies and never considered myself good with money.  Realizing that this was just another 'rule' or belief (spell) I was living under, I decided to rewrite the script of this aspect of my life.  Fortunately, like most self-made millionaires who also have the common theme of bankrupting at least once... I lost the fear surrounding money during my second bankruptcy.  Within a couple months after losing it all, I was still okay.  Life was still supporting me!  

Moving forward, I decided that constructing my dream day would be a good place to start building a more preferred lifestylePassive income and having an internet business were two things that got me excited -- oh yeah, and wellness too!  Against conventional wisdom, I followed my joy from moment-to-moment instead of chasing the illusion of security.  

Two jobs presented themselves to me when I decided to (literally) 'get off my couch and get moving again' after I was well enough.  One job was a sales opportunity with high commissions while the other job was low pay and only part-time.  Guess which one I took?  

After two years of being bed-ridden and living in poverty, I chose to work a $7/hour part-time gig at a nutrition store, instead of a sales job selling windows and siding.  The guy at the window company made a lot of income claims, but he felt wrong.  A few weeks after I declined the opportunity, he was indicted on charges of date-raping a young college girl.  

The nutrition store felt SO right.  My mind couldn't wrap itself around the idea that the pay sucked, but my heart felt it was my path to joy.  Within less than a year, I bought the entire operation for less than $300.00 out of pocket.  One caveat: the store was losing about $4k per month!  Again, my mind was trying to corner me into thinking I was "out" of its logical way of controlling me.  "I'm buying a business and acquiring its debt, PLUS the business is losing $4k per month?!!!"  

Yes, that's what I did.  Why?  I loved being there and making smoothies for people and helping them find product solutions made me happy.  

Not to mention, the owner desperately wanted out.  I took the store and decided to allow the money to flow, creating new ideas and products to sell online.  In less than three months, I was earning a six-figure income.  Two years later, I became a millionaire with a business doing seven figures annually.  I moved out of a dilapidated farmhouse to a multimillion-dollar estate; purchased exotic cars; traveled; met my favorite band; manifested several homes; created worldwide success; created an album; made a tarot deck; wrote two books and more...   

Living Like A Rock-Star?

I blew a lot of cash and also gave away a lot of money to my favorite Churches, causes, and to help others where my heart was inspired to offer assistance.  Eventually, I found that it's not the money that mattered, it was the process of creating the DREAMS where the power lies; you are capable of having all your desires!  I proved it, even when the odds stacked against me very unfavorably.  

My passion today is building businesses, engineering wellness products (with cutting-edge technology), and learning from great manifestors!  Forget about the adage about 'working hard' and instead, make quantum leaps... aligning to what already is!  We live in an instant-gratification world today.  The speed of creating things and allowing them to manifest happens in a fraction of the time it used to.  Discovering your power and creating the lifestyle of your dreams is not reserved for only select individuals.  It is available to everyone, at all times.  The only requirements you need to possess are desire, willingness to expand your comfort zone, and maybe to 'get outta your head and its limiting beliefs' like I did.  

The idea to grasp here is that I'm not special.  In fact, my disadvantages were great, and my pain forced me to take bold risks - trusting my inner guidance over conventional wisdom.  Be bold, think with your heart and be the person you dream of being, right now!  Circumstances do not matter, only state-of-being matters.  

Today, I am revisiting the miracle that occurred in my life where I dropped multiple eating disorders - overnight.  I'm working on the Zero Triggers Method and incorporating provisions to bring in a device utilizing Synthetic Biology once the technology is available.  

Sometimes you have to sit with the idea and twist it, turn it, and finally surrender to allow the epiphany to appear suddenly.  According to quantum physics, this is when you become the person who already knows the answer.  Manifesting is the art of shifting into a place where your desire is already in vibrational proximity of your being "choice" you are making.  As soon as you make the shift, you realize that the answer was always there -- only you changed. 

Are you ready to embrace the lover of your dreams?  Fall in love with yourself, first.  How?  By following your joy in every moment until you realize that you DO love being you.  Are you ready to have piles of money laying around the house, in all the drawers, and a few more commas in your bank balance?  Let go of your attachment to the money and let it flow to you.  Give it away.  Release your grip on it.  Align with an idea that excites you and monetize it using sound business principles.  

Make a new rule that it's easy to have what you desire, and it will fall into your lap.  Here's an example; I wanted to have a TV show produced in Hollywood.  I decided I would have it.  I let the "how to" go and released it to the universe.  The solution showed up within less than 48-hours.  It usually does.  A new friend made it all possible.  If you'd like to see my new show, called The Natural Health Report, check out Authentic You Media (Authentic You TV).  

For more info on Matthew’s story, his work and companies, check him out online and social media. He’s a down to earth guy with an authentic story of success. 


Story published by LASplash Magazines Journalist Michelle Arbeau: 

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized Celebrity Numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio/tv host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includesTwilight vampiresBig Bang Theory actressPirates of the Caribbean actor, NBCDirectorCelebrity stylistand many more.

A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is frequently a repeat guest on national outlets such as CBC Radio, CTV Morning Live, Breakfast Television and LA Talk Radio.

She is the host of her own radio show in Hollywood called Life By The Numbers covering topics of spiritual growthcurrent affairscelebrity news and more through the lens of numbers. Michelle also writes a syndicated monthly numerology horoscope column published by popular sites such as, and as well as a weekly forecast on

Her newly released books, The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration to Manifest the Life You Desire and Soul Numbers: Decipher the Messages from Your Inner Self to Successfully Navigate Life are the product of combining her love of numbers with her passion for helping others to find purpose, meaning and joy in life. Visit Michelle Arbeau online.

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