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Airing sometime later this year or early next, Lifetime will have a surprise for viewers.  The steamy mystery novel Cayman Heat, by Connie Reeves Cooke, is now in development.  According to the L A Times, the book is sure to be a "bestseller and must read murder mystery."  Cayman Heat is Cooke's second book.  Copies are available city wide but most especially in Barnes and Nobel in Studio City. 


Cayman Heat - Author Connie Reeves Cooke

The star playing the role of Koral Sanders has not yet been revealed yet.  Producer and Publicist Miranda Spigener-Sapon says that will be an additional treat when they present her to the press.  But other stars include Frank Crim (as Sam,) Kim Estes (as Aron Ebanks,), Rafael Zubizarreta (as Charlie King) along with Lew Temple (as Ray Durbin,) Pete Freeland (as Dr. Martin Sneed,) Tysha Williams (as Savannah Taylor,) and Chelsea Cook (as Casey Andrews.) 


Cayman Heat - Rafael Zubizarreta

Street smart and sassy, independent P.I, Koral Sanders, having immigrated from Houston area, realizes that her talents in weaponry and martial arts are needed here when she go to Grand Cayman on a vacation and joins up with big burly Sam, who helps her in her investigations.   When multi-millionaire Reese Mallory disappears from his Grand Cayman home while on a diving trip, Koral gets involved as the skeleton of the body is discovered in a deep underground cave.  Realizing he was murdered, Koral is asked by her good friend Royal Caymanian Police Chief Aron Ebanks to help track down the killer. 


As Koral's life spirals down the explosive path of mingled greed, adultery, deception and wealth, she soon realizes why Mallory was murdered and why, but can she come to the surface quickly enough before her own life is extinguished.   


Following the book, Lifetime originally planned to air the pilot as a two hour backdoor pilot , but has since decided to air it as two separate episodes with a cliff hanger in between. 


Cayman Heat -Miranda Spigener-Sapon, Producer/PR

Ms. Spigener Sapon, who started as a book and film publicist, fell in love with the book after meeting the author and decided to shop the book, herself.   She, herself, has a degree in film from the National Radio Academy and loves working to develop writers.  She has already sold foreign rights to the TV show to several major countries.  In comparing the story to another series, she suggested Castle for the tone.  She will be producing the show along with Nick De La Rosa, Cheryl Dubuque (who will cast for them) and Randy Turner as UPM. 


Cayman Heat - The Team

While the book, itself, doesn't have a cold opening, the pilot does. 


The next book in the series Cayman Wind will soon be out. 


Can't wait to cuddle up with my copy of the book and I'm eager to see the series.  For more information contact Ms. Spigener-Sapon. 



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