Boycott Emmy Nominations for HBO’S ‘Phil Spector’ Film - Friends of Murdered Actress Lana Clarkson Organizing Academy Member Boycott

Dear Fellow TV Academy Members,

Please DO NOT VOTE for any EMMY NOMINATIONS for a film that MURDERS the TRUTH and HURTS people like us who are still alive today. Here’s why.

Shame on David Mamet for cooking up this stew of distortion and misinformation on paper. Shame on Barry Levinson for producing this hurtful thing to make a quick buck.  But most heinous of all are the button down suits at HBO who green lighted this attack on documented history. They have scurried around like rats in a sinking ship trying to offset their mistakes with disingenuous screen statements saying the film is fiction. However HBO attacked our campaign for Lana Clarkson and our public attacks on this fabricated tale with their press release saying: "We stand by all of our HBO productions with accuracy portraying historical events". REALLY? HBO you shot yourself in the foot on that one.

Our two year campaign to provide the Truth about this HBO film is coming to an end. Unfortunately millions of viewers will be exposed to the Phil Spector Murder trial for the first time by watching this lie.  Lana Clarkson is portrayed as killing herself and that Phil Spector is innocent. Yet in reality and on the record for all to see, is that in fact, on Feb 3, 2003, and without a doubt, Phil Spector tortured and murdered the beautiful Lana Clarkson with his own gun by pistol whipping her, abusing her, knocking her teeth out, then pulling the trigger after shoving that .38 caliber pistol into her mouth. 

What is especially disturbing is that the film commits the very crime it condemns. It argues that a famous eccentric can't get a fair trial because the bloodthirsty, ignorant public is willfully blind to the facts.  But the movie supports it's thesis by ignoring, misrepresenting, and soft-pedaling the evidence that convicted Spector.  "They have no facts!" insists defense lawyer Linda Kenny Baden portrayed by Helen Mirren.  In fact there WAS blood on Spector's jacket: mist like spots near the lapel that according to expert testimony put Spector no more than three feet from Lana Clarkson's face when the gun went off. The same type of blood mist was found on the OUTSIDE of Clarkson's wrists, an indication, experts said, that at the time of the gun shot, her hands were up in a defensive posture and NOT ON THE TRIGGER. None of this is in the film.

Spector's driver testified that shortly after the gunshot, his boss walked out of the mansion holding a gun in his bloodied hand. "I think I killed somebody," he quoted Spector as saying. But the film suggests that unethical police detectives forced the chauffeur to make damning statements by threatening to charge him as an accessory.  REALLY !? FICTION!! 

Not included in the film: Five women testified often through tears, that Spector had pulled guns on them when they tried to leave his house against his wishes. They were unshakable in their accounts of how alcohol and dashed romantic hopes turned Spector into a monster. But the movie rolls it's eyes at them. Just common people looking for 15 minutes of fame instead of treasuring their time with the genius. Really? 

One hundred others came forward and filed affidavits that Phil Spector had pulled guns on them and held them against their will including celebrities like Michelle Phillips(Mommas and the Poppas), and Grammy winner Debbie Harry. Using a gun for sex is RAPE!  Again, none of this in the film.

In the film, Spector's defense claimed wrongly that Lana Clarkson, committed suicide because she was depressed about turning 40. Then in a second theory-- that she “accidentally” shot herself while toying suggestively with the gun. Which is it Mr. and Mrs. Badden? Which is it Mr.Mamet??? Accuracy HBO???

What the film doesn't mention is that Clarkson died with her purse strapped to her shoulder! She was waiting by the door to leave...Spector’s behavior in the past shows that the guns come out and women do not leave.."unless you want to die". 

We will never forget sitting in the courtroom listening to the answering machine message tapes left by Spector to the women he had abused or raped with the use of a gun. One of the messages from Spector said: "..about last's NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE!".  Those tapes brilliantly put into evidence and played to the jury by the excellent Prosecutor Alan Jackson, helped put more nails into Spector’s coffin. Jackson constantly outmaneuvered the multi-million dollar defense team and Linda Kenny Baden.  None of this is in the film.

In anticipation of criticism about the revision of real facts, HBO has taken pains to describe the the movie as a "mythological take on the case"--a warning to people who know the case well. They attempt to gloss over the many factual problems with this film as a kind of artistic ignorance.

"It's called envy", Pacino-as-Spector says. "Extraordinary accomplishments transform the grateful into an audience and the envious into a mob" he rants. REALLY!?  Jurors couldn't envy him because they had no clue who he (Phil Spector) was!  Lana's death and the news of the trial made Spector infamous to millions for a short time. He was a has-been recluse-An aging bitter troll with a chip on his shoulder, a Napoleon complex and a pattern of gun abuse for sex and extra special treatment his warped mind thought he deserved.

Spector's defense team was a legal clown car of five big-time attorneys trying to squeeze into a nationally televised case. This high powered defense was so strategically outfoxed by the prosecution led by the brilliant Alan Jackson, that Spector's lead attorney, Bruce Cutler, a New York mob lawyer, begged the judge for an emergency trial delay.

Lana Clarkson is not portrayed in the film at all. They knew better. But her legacy and real life experience as a professionally trained and experienced actress for 25 years (SAG, AFTRA, Equity) and comedian, is shattered by this film. They do not even pronounce her name right, the final insult. 

HBO shame on you! We have enough problems with Reality Shows ruining our profession, now you allow this false story to taint the scripted/acting TV projects which allow us to survive. A vote for Emmys no matter how good the acting, is a nail in the coffin for our industry.


Poster Image Carried by The Friends of Lana Clarkson

Distorting the Spector case serves only to undermine the public's faith in the jury system. The facts though have thankfully convicted Phil Spector of murdering actress Lana Clarkson. This gun abusing psycho murderer rots in prison now for almost 4 years after losing all appeals. If he survives his 20 year term, he will be in his 90's. The odds show that prisoners who are unhealthy drug addicts in the winter of their lives do not survive in prison. Yet, there are people who can survive the long term on just HATE alone. Unfortunately he may be one of them.

Finally, we thank all of you in our group *The Friends of Lana Clarkson, for your hard work and concerns. Many of you have jumped in and helped beyond the call of duty. It's been a long haul in countering this film. I hope we got our point across. Yet millions of people will watch this lie on HBO and unfortunately most of them will leave with the impression that Lana Clarkson was responsible for her own death.

So Again, Please do not vote for any EMMY NOMINATIONS for a film that MURDERS the TRUTH and HURTS people like us who are still alive today. Thank you.

*The Friends of Lana Clarkson are comprised of men and women who were the actor's and comedienne's long time girlfriends, hairdressers, agents, managers, publicists, actors, casting directors, boyfriends, producers, make-up artists, church goers and a select group of media reporters including the late Vanity Fair crime writer Dominick Dunn, veteran Beverly Hills publicist Edward Lozzi, and Spector Murder trial Prosecutor Alan Jackson.  Many of the group were in the court room during both criminal trials and remain stalwart in their quest to protect the wonderful legacy that was the life and times of Lana Clarkson.

Filed for The Friends of Lana Clarkson by spokesperson Edward Lozzi, Beverly Hills publicist who was Lana’s friend and media consultant for over 25 years. 

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