Redbox National Release Party - Going Behind the Scenes for the Chic Release Party for 'Behind Your Eyes'


Chris McDonald and Eric Roberts at the National Redbox Release Party for Behind Your Eyes

Tonight wasn’t your average night out in Hollywood. Various forms of media as well as talent arrived at the chic Rolling Stone Restaurant and Lounge at the Hollywood & Highland complex to support the Redbox release of ‘Behind Your Eyes’, a thriller that was written by Daniel Fababeria and produced by Greg Sims. Whether it was to simply be supportive or had a role in this film, a good time was had by all in attendance.

‘Behind Your Eyes’ is about the perfect young couple Erika and Steven that have everything going for them as they embark on a weekend retreat to meet his parents. Things take a turn for the worst when the couple is unexpectedly kidnapped and held hostage. As they fight for their lives against their mysterious abductor and the secrets he possesses while being tortured and teased, secrets from the past emerge and change everything. When Erika escapes, things only get worse, and the twists and turns take the viewer into uncharted territory and unyielding mayhem.

Frida Farrell at the National Redbox Release Party for Behind Your Eyes

Attendees include: Brent Roske (director), Christopher McDonald (Harry’s Law), CJ Thomason (Harpers Island), Corrine Becker (African Chelsea), Daniel Fanaberia (writer, Behind Your Eyes Cast), Eliza Roberts (Animal House), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Frida Farrell (Behind Your Eyes Cast), Greg Sims (Vesuvio Entertainment, Producer of Behind Your Eyes), Jeffrey Henderson (Jeffrey Henderson Show), Kristen Doute (Behind Your Eyes Cast), Marabina Jaimes (Desperate Housewives Espanola), Tom Sandoval (Rock and Republic Model, Behind Your Eyes Cast) and many more.

I was able to ask those in attendance a few questions regarding the movie, their reasoning for coming out and the evening as a whole.


Sargent: You had an interesting part in this movie. How was it not only playing a lead role in ‘Behind Your Eyes’, but also writing this movie?

Daniel Fababeria (writer, Behind Your Eyes Cast): It was great! The role of a lifetime! It was really neat getting to write a screen play and watch other actors that I created being brought to life. This movie served as a marathon down a long and amazing road, but I definitely was able to see the light at the end of tunnel.


Sargent: Clearly we are out here at the Rolling Stone Restaurant and Lounge in Hollywood for the Redbox Release of ‘Behind Your Eyes’, what is the reason that you came out tonight?

CJ Thomason (Harpers Island): Honestly, my buddy produced this film and I came to support him and all of his work.


Sargent: Being that this is a ‘redbox release party’, are you an avid user of redbox yourself?

CJ Thomason: I actually am! It’s just so convenient. Especially when I’m on a road trip, I will have one playing in the background and just drop it off at the next convenience store along the way.

Tom Sandoval and Kristen Doute at the National Redbox Release Party for Behind Your Eyes

Those in attendance were able to mix and mingle with the cast and get a closer look at what it was like to work with such an amazing cast and produce a great film in little to no time. Sipping cocktails while listening to the smooth and upbeat beats provided by Parlee and the Brayden Pierce Band as the ‘Behind Your Eyes’ movie played in the background provided the perfect setting to a fine evening out for a great occasion. The Redbox National Release Party for ‘Behind Your Eyes’, produced by Jolson Creative Image PR proved to be a success. Producer Gary Sims created the perfect masterpiece complete with a rollercoaster of emotions that embody the movie, ‘Behind Your Eyes’, which is a definite ‘must-see’.

Rolling Stone Lounge

6801 Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood & Highland

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