Atiq Rahimi- The Patience Stone, Freedom of the Soul

Directed by Atiq Rahimi; "The Patience Stone", starring Nadia Anjuman is a tale of a young woman in her thirties who cares for her much older husband. After a bullet has left him comatose for 16 days, she speaks her unexpressed reality to him, informing him of her trials, plight, frustrations, and loneliness and dreams. She reveals her fantasies, and ambitions. Her husband has become "syngue sabour" (the patience stone); according to Persian mythology, the magical black stone absorbs the plight of those who confide in the stone, absorbing the burdens until it shatters.

"The Patience Stone" won Best Film in The Eurasia Film Festival, Best Picture in the Abu Dubai Film Festival, and was the Official Selection in the Toronto International Film Festival (2012), Tribeca Film Festival(2013), and Los Angeles Film Festival (2013).


Amanda Alexandria: How has "The Patience Stone" been received by the film community in Afghanistan and in the Middle East?

Atiq Rahimi: We have had a warm reception. "The Patience Stone" was the official selection for Best Foreign Film in Afghanistan, we won Best Picture and Best Actress in the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. "The Patience Stone" won the Film Award of the Council of Europe in Istanbul Turkey."

Amanda Alexandria: Congratulations on such outstanding successes! Have you always been active in women's rights?

Atiq Rahimi: I respect my mother and sisters... Yes, I am always interested in helping women. I care about women's rights ... I care about human rights. My last film was created to help a disabled man. I am to help all people.

Amanda Alexandria: It is refreshing to see women in the Middle East portrayed in such an empowering light...

Atiq Rahimi: Like men, women are people . We become overly concious of the stereotypes of women in the Middle East. Middle Eastern women have desires, and passion, and educations just like men. Women have dreams, vision heart and soul as well!



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