Arsenio Hall Wins The Celebrity Apprentice - Clay Takes Second Place Again



Late Night Talk show Host, Arsenio Hall won the title of Celebrity Apprentice despite his flipping out and ranting **&$$## “skanky ho” at control freak, over the top, sexy singer, Aubrey O’ Day.  Aubrey flashed her store bought cleavage and wild, red hair and took credit for Arsenio’s ideas, as she believed the rest of her team was dumb and useless  


Arsenio Red Carpet

Arsenio was ultimately hired by buttering up Donald Trump’s ego, saying that if he got the Donald Trump seal of Approval he’d never forget it the rest of his life.  He said that that he will reemerge.  There are people out there like Joan Rivers and Pierce Morgan whose stars rose after winning.  He tells Trump, “All of their success shines a light on the banner that you gave them and I’ll be out there too; giving 100%.  Arsenio said, “I’ve been on the cover of the Wall Street Journal.   I have lived the life of the Apprentice.  I just need the title now.”  Trump was honored.   Arsenio’s won the prize of $250,000 for his charity the Magic Johnson Foundation for AIDS and HIV.


Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall, Trump Courtesy NBC

It looks like pop star, Clay Aiken will always come in second.  He had felt Déjà vu since he lost to Ruben Studdard on American Idol.  Arsenio busted on Clay saying when he was little he was called a skinny Rubin.  Clay did win over $300,000 for his charity, the National Inclusion Project.  They help disabled children be included in camps and other activities.


Last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice was certainly entertaining. 

Arsenio’s bad ass comedy team started with Adam Corolla who said Trump is like “Don King with creepier hair and a broken moral compass.  Lisa Lampenelli said nobody was surprised when Clay came out of the closet.  “The only thing that is aiken is Clay’s ass.”  Arsenio topped off the show joking, when he was a kid he wanted to be an astronaut, but “a black man doesn’t want to have to call back to earth and say yes, Nasa, no Nasa.”

Aubrey O Day and Penn Jilette Courtesy NBC


Clay Aiken put on a singing show with rocker,Dee Snyder and Debbie Gibson and Aubrey O’ Day.  It was pretty dull old tunes with “Shake Your Love”.  Dee Snider crooned “Baby Love” with Debbie Gibson.  He commented, “If you would have told me 30 years ago that one day, I’d be on stage doing steps with Debbie Gibson, I would’ve punched ya in the nose.”  Snider did save the show by rocking out “We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore”.

Celebrity Apprentice Cast Finale Courtesy NBC


When Donald asked Aubrey about Arsenio, she said, “I don’t know him as a man.  I don’t care to know him as a man.”  Funny that Arsenio was in heaven when Aubrey got out of the car and wrapped her long legs around his head to get a better view. Lou Ferrigno, the Hulk said over and over, “I gave 110%”.   This puzzled Don Junior, who claimed in a left brained way that it was mathematically impossible. Most of the other contestants chose good guy, Clay as the their choice and the clear winner.   Lisa Lampanelli even sent over her doppelganger drag queen to give Clay $10,000 for his charity.  Trump told Clay, “You’re fired”.   Clay went home with his tail between his legs.  Arsenio Hall is the new “Celebrity Apprentice” and wins $250,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation.

Donald Trump, Don Jr. Ivanka Trump Courtesy NBC

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