And the 'Bachelorette' fantasy suite date card goes to...noone?! - Also, spoiler alert on Emily Maynard's Final 3 picks!

Last April during the taping of the ‘Bachelorette,’ creator  Mike Fleiss (@fleissmieister), had everyone gussing when he tweeted…“@EmilyMaynard just delivered another 'Bachelorette' first!” He then added, “@EmilyMaynard goes her own way...” I think I now know what he was referring to. According to Reality Steve (, this season’s ‘Bachelorette’ Emily doesn’t accept or offer the fantasy suite overnight date cards to anyone. No doubt she is trying to set a good example for her daughter Ricki and this is why she chose to not go down that familiar road we’ve seen in all season’s past.

No doubt, after all the drama now surrounding what looks like her obvious first pick, Arie Luyendyk Jr., she’s probably happy she did. On paper, it seems that Arie is her best match. He’s got the race car driving thing going for him AND his last gf had 2 children. Translation, he’s not afraid to commit to someone with a child & has a lifestyle that Emily is familiar with & appeared to like. However, recent reports show that Arie may not be as sincere & genuine as he’s appearing to be. According to reports, he allegedly dated a ‘Bachelor’ producer Cassie Lambert & she’s the one who convinced him to do ‘'Bachelorette'. According to Reality Steve, this is all one big publicity stunt for Arie Jr. who is on the show to promote his brand. Ironically, on last night’s episode Arie talked about his last gf which was also a Cassie. Her last name Harshman & things didn’t work out.  According to Reality Steve, last night’s episode edited out a part of the conversation where Arie confessed to Emily that his last gf had a miscarriage.  We only heard the part where he said she didn’t want any more kids.

The highlight of last night’s episode was when Dolly Parton performed  while Emily & Arie were on their one on one date at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Emily’s a huge fan of Dolly’s & apparently Dolly has been following Emily’s quest for love as well. Dolly said she’s been married for 45 years to the same man & expressed her support for Emily. Dolly even wrote & sung her and arie Jr. a song.I got a kick when Dolly implied that this supposed surprise of Dolly coming out & singing on stage wasn’t really a true surprise because hellloooo..they were in Dollywood after all.

More scoop is out now as to who the last 3 men standing are. According to Reality Steve, Chicago Chris makes it to the hometown dates, but is soon let go shortly thereafter. Thus, according to Reality Steve, the Final 3 will be: 

Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

Sean Lowe

Jef Holm

Next week the ‘Bachelorette’ is off to Bermuda. I usually look forward to the episode with the overnight fantasy suite dates. Now, I’ll be looking forward to the first ever, one of its kind, most dramatic fantasy suite date nights ever, when Emily does the unexpected & takes the good role model card instead.

The next 'Bachelorette' & rose ceremony airs this Monday, June 11, on ABC at 8:00 pm PT.

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