Alex Ben Block And David Molner - A Case of Curious Coverage

You would think that a Federal Judge denying a motion to recuse himself from federal proceedings would make for an interesting story; but the much more compelling story is the way the media – specifically reporter Alex Ben Block has covered the events.  And, when I say ‘covered’, I mean covered up.

Alex Ben Block

For years now, investor and change agent David Bergstein has been in a legal feud with former Aramid Fund manager David Molner.  From the beginning, Alex Ben Block has covered the story having written over 100 stories in a matter of 3 years.  The next closest object of Ben Block’s attention was Harvey Weinstein, acclaimed producer and financier, who only received 20 or so stories – that in the span of 15 years!  So what makes Bergstein so intriguing to Ben Block?  Hold that thought.  Ben Block’s coverage of the ongoing legal battle between Bergstein and Molner have been one-sided to say the least characterizing Bergstein as malicious and even representing Bergstein continued legal victories into losses. 

In this most recent coverage of Federal Judge Russell denying Molner’s motion to recuse himself, Ben Block left out the most important part namely what the judge put on record about the entire litany of proceedings and rulings in the last 3 years.  Judge Russell said that Molner’s actions have been criminal and stating unequivocally that Molner’s legal maneuvering and claims are “an engineered attempt because Aramid and Mr. Molner are just unhappy with the rulings” and that Molner should be sanctioned.   Why leave this out?  I would use the word “irresponsible”; but it would be not begin to characterize the body of ‘coverage’ by Mr. Ben Block.

This is a case full of he said she said lined by tens of millions of dollars in fraud and scandal.  But the real story here is why 100+ articles have been published with only half the story.  Rather than analyze each article one by one, it’s best to simply take Ben Block’s coverage as exactly that – coverage.  The entire transcript of this landmark decision is available for review in this link.  It seems the real story about Bergstein and Molner has yet to be revealed.

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