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AFM is a great place for getting to know people, starting relationships, and understanding what the ever changing industry wants and needs.  And sometimes you learn what is coming that the audiences themselves are not aware of yet.   Among the many friends and relationships I have made over the years at AFM is the family run company of TriCoast Worldwide .


Australian born Emmy and DGA nominated director Strathford Hamilton was already well known for such shows as "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" for Saban Entertainment when he took 12 days to shoot his first film, Blueberry Hill.  While the budget had only been $500,000, the drama starring Academy Award winners Carrie Snodgress and Margaret Avery sold to MGM for theatrical distribution. 


10 Days In A Madhouse - poster from TriCoast

Established in Los Angeles, he became president of production for Mediacom Industries, where he met and married the creative Marcy Levitas HamiltonMarcy, a role model for many women, was among the first female editors at MTV, who then moved forward in the entertainment industry based on her merit and abilities. 


Together, Strath and Marcy founded TriCoast Production Partners.    One of their mentors was the famed Dino DeLaurentis, with whom they made the film TEMPTATION; Strath directed and Marcy edited.  As TriCoast Productions they produced features, television shows and trailers - not only for their own productions, but for many major studio films.  “Each film is unique and its audience must be targeted directly.  We identify the audiences and what will pique their interest in the film”.


Fifteen years later, they found a niche in foreign sales and they set up their domestic sales/distribution program.  "Our goal is to help filmmakers provide a means for reaching their audiences.  With our help, filmmakers build a pipeline as they bring their entertainment to the various platforms – Theatrical, VOD, TV and DVD.


"We enjoy the sales/distribution side.  We try to find fantastic producers and then often come in with part of the financing.  Sometimes we pre-sell to domestic buyers for financing and sometimes we provide post-production services to complete the package.


Are We Not Cats - poster TriCoast

“International sales and distribution has changed recently.  In days past the sales department would go to market and sell a full package of rights to distributors in each country/territory. That distributor would then sell those rights in their territory.  Now we go directly to the territory; we might sell theatrical to one company, VOD and Home Video to another, and TV to a broadcaster.    In the U.S. we often function more as a direct distributor, with boutique theatrical releases, aggregating for the VOD platforms and selling directly to TV and cable channels.”


Sales to China have been a hot topic of late.  With our new president's contentious approach to China, we wonder how this will affect the Chinese market. “Our entire business is focused on having healthy, harmonious relationships with other countries.  At the AFM, we sold quite a bit to China.  Because of a lack of lack of films in the past, a flood gate has opened up. They are eager for American films and shows, but they want high quality films that can pass their strict censorship program.


“While they ask for almost everything, there are certain restrictions for the stories.  No ghost stories are allowed. This is mainly because of the lack of religion in China and talk about afterlife or supernatural would indicate the presence of this.”


Amelia 2.0 - poster from TriCoast

One of Marcy's favorite projects is BabelOn, a technology company of which she is co-founder.  BabelOn is a hardware/software process that synthesizes your voice into any language.  Vocal tone, timber and emotional intent are preserved while the lips are synchronized to the converted speech. The company is currently completing its proof-of-concept demo.


Both Marcy and Strath direct the company's creative activities.  Strath oversees financing, development, production and domestic distribution while Marcy oversees international distribution of motion picture and television projects. 


Their daughter, Daisy, who has grown up in the industry - acting and doing voice over since the age of eight, has worked at TriCoast for the past five years, after her graduation from NYU in acting and business.   Attending many of the international markets such as AFM, the Cannes Film Festival, EFM and many global content markets, Daisy now handles the acquisitions of films for TriCoast.


TriCoast Studios is developing television programs; both factual as well as scripted series since the demand for them continue to grow.  "We are also looking for foreign language animated films from around the world that we can dub into English and compelling genre live-action product to distribute in the domestic marketplace."


3 Hikers - poster from TriCoast

The TriCoast slate of films is robust with various genres.  Among them, ARE WE NOT CATS is a prestigious film with high quality directorial narrative, that was highlighted in the Venice Film Festival’s Critic’s Week, 2017.  Another of their very popular films, which as a history lover and a psychiatric nurse I loved, is 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE – where, in 1888, new reporter Nellie Bly pretended to be a patient in a local mad house and uncovered the poor treatment and disregard for the patients there as well as how easily women were tossed aside on the basis of being crazy so that the men could obtain their freedom.  This movie, which came to them incomplete, needed additional shooting, editing and finishing.  Upon completion at TriCoast Studios, the finished film went on to garner a spot on the Academy Award’s short list for consideration for nomination for an Academy Award.  


Another TriCoast film, AMANDA 2.0, is an emotional movie, a futuristic story where a dying woman’s soul, consciousness and brains are reloaded into a lifelike robot, and WTF (WORLD THUMBWRESTLING FEDERATION) is a mockumentary aimed at teenage boys. The very serious documentary 3 HIKERS tells the riveting story of 3 American friends who, while hiking, strayed into Iran and were captured as political prisoners.


The future of the company will be in producing and acquiring good content, and growing their social media and PR in order to better reach the audience that will embrace each film.  They love the small independent films but fear they are waning, especially with the tightening of the economy.  “We are a full service studio here.  We finish films, and have all the services needed to do so, from editorial and color-timing to sound design and mix. And we market content with professional live-streaming services and other PR and social media tools.  We welcome new filmmakers with fresh eyes and fresh voices with both finished films/TV shows or co-production opportunities.”









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