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A Single Shot- Romantic Thriller

By Amanda Alexandria

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Directed by David M. Rosenthal,  A Single Shot is a tale of greed, romance, country living, and tragedy.

Sam Rockwell as John Moon

Based on the novel, by Mathew F. Jones, Hunter John Moon, while stalking a deer, accidently shoots and kills a beautiful young woman. While burying her body in a cave, Moon, played by Sam Rockwell(Iron Man 2, The Green Mile, Charlie's Angels, stumbles upon a large sum of money. The incident leads to a cat and mouse game of stalking between Rockwell and the backwoods theives as they extort him to recover the lost money.

William H. Macy

A Single Shot, produced by Keith Kjarval, Aaron Gilbert and Chris Coen, which features gorgeous cinematic textures and qualities also stars Jeffrey Wright (HBO's Boardwalk Empire) , Kelly Reilly ( Flight), Jason Isaacs, Joe Anderson(Twighlight Saga Breaking Dawn) , Ophelia Lovibond ( Roman Polasnki's Olivers Twist) , Ted Levine (Monk) , William H. Macy(Shameless).

Rosenthal (Falling Up, Janie Jones) states "I had been chomping at the bit to roll on an atmospheric dramatic thriller like this one. I was stunned by the rich atmospherics and the cinematic quality of the writing..." He is a huge admirer of Rockwell ..."I have long wanted to work with Sam Rockwell. He is, simply out, one of the very finest actors of his generation and when he responded to the script and wanted to meet me, it was a truly exciting moment." Of the cinematic qualities he states..."The film needed to be brutal, savage, and wild, There needed to be tension in the geography and place. "

Published on Aug 25, 2017

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