A School Paper Review - Amanda Buhs Plays Character Who Defies the Ordinary

Amanda Buhs

Amanda Buhs stars in the inspiring movie A School Paper, which focuses on high school bullying and its effects. The main character Greg, a freshman in high school with many family issues and insecurities, is bullied by Tim, Sarah’s boyfriend. Playing Sarah in the film, Buhs befriends Greg, becoming his only friend and support system throughout his experiences until she moves away.

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Buhs believes it is crucial to pay attention to Sarah’s relationship with Greg as Buhs herself empathizes with her very much. “Sarah and I are a ton alike,” she says. “Sarah is a very down-to-earth girl who knows what she wants. We are both really determined. She stands up for herself and doesn’t let anyone push her around.” Buhs describes Sarah as a girl who “defies the ordinary” and is also very sweet, despite her violent background with Tim. She is a girl who truly wants to make others happy. “That is what I love about her,” Buhs says. The audience will be able to feel Sarah’s positive energy towards Greg, while also expressing worry towards her whenever Tim is near. It is a very emotionally-driven movie.

“Hopefully people will take away her message from the movie, which is to always do what is right - no matter what others think about you. If you see someone in trouble, get help. Get help, always,” Buhs says. Playing the character Sarah has taught Buhs so much about kindness and standing one’s ground during crises. Asking herself “What would Sarah do?” in stressful life situations has already begun to make her a stronger person.

Buhs began auditions for this movie in the summer of 2014. When she heard of the audition, she felt compelled to be a part of the movie because the message moved her. She considers herself lucky to receive the part because of the missed opportunity to audition in- person due to a family trip. When Buhs advises other actors and actresses building their careers, she always says “if you get the chance to meet in person with the film team, do it.” Otherwise the chances of receiving the part are reduced. Fortunately, she was able to do a video audition instead. A few days after emailing the director her video, she was graced with an email saying “We would like to offer you the part as Sarah.”

Buhs hopes this will be the start of an inspiring career aimed at children and teenagers. The heartwarming feeling from adolescents telling her that she has helped them in their own life situations has really impacted Buhs. She describes it as a feeling of pride that can’t be received from anything else. She would love to keep working on uplifting films. Buhs has only worked on comedies and dramas to date, such as Love Story (2014) and Sudden Realization (2014). She hopes to be able to expand her repertoire and act in a horror or science fiction film. “But, as long as I am acting,” she says, “no matter what genre of film, I am doing what I love. And that’s all I really want in my career and life in general: to do what I love, while making people happy.”

Buhs anxiously awaits the movie’s release and hopes all ages can enjoy A School Paper and learn something. “It’s amazingly moving,” she says, “and the entire message will change your life forever. I guarantee it.”

 A School Paper, produced by Atkins Visuals and Ladie K Productions, is scheduled to be released the summer of 2015, but the exact date is yet to be determined. Follow the cast of the movie on the Facebook page and visit imdb.com for more information.


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