"Lonely Place"

The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival recently screened "Lonely Place" an award winning short film by up and coming director Kevin Langdon Ackerman.

Ackerman who wrote and directed the "Lonely Place" has been chosen by ESQUIRE Magazine as one of this years "Directors to Watch" in their "Celluloid Style, 2004" competition.  His new film "Lonely Place" won the "Best Directorial Debut" at the 2004 Rhode Island International Film Festival and the "Best of Festival" at the Boston International Film Festival 2004.

"Lonely Place" is set in Fresno, California in 1949. On the farm and in the fields. STELLA (Tess Harper) and EMERY (Kurtwood Smith) work hard just to keep their farm afloat. When JESSE (Tomas Arana), a drifter with an agenda all his own, secures a job on the farm. Stella's forced to reconsider Love's role in the institution of Marriage. "Lonely Place" is a Heartland Noir film.

 Ackerman states that he "wanted to breathe a little life into a genre that quickly captured my imagination; making a Film Noir film in color was the first decision I made. I still wanted the film's black values, its whole "look" to be Noir, but I wanted the piece to throw up a "language' of its own. I wanted it to stand on it's own as a real film, more like the films of the 1970's."  Full of stunning visuals as well as  plenty of suspense and mood. It is like finding a lost episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents directed by David Lean. 

"Lonely Place" is the unabashed "Heartland Noir," a genre film with a feminist message (if you look for it!), or at least a question underlying the interplay: Is it better to be married to someone who does not respect you than to be all alone but in control of your environment? Men and women alike are debating what they would have done in the end, what it all means and Ackerman wouldn't have it any other way.


For more inforamation on "Lonely Place" visit their website at: www.lonelyplacethefilm.com

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