Zack and Miri Make a Porno Movie Review - An Original story, a handful of laughs, yet very forgettable

For veteran Director/Writer/Editor, Kevin Smith, who was first put on the map with the classic film " Clerks," in 1994, " Zack and Miri Make a Porno," was a true disappointment.  The movie has a big draw including Smith, a daring title, an original story-line, and a solid cast (with several surprise names throughout), but unfortunately lost its luster within the first 10 minutes with a few opening scenes, that were just simply, not funny.   Luckily, for the audience, this was not the case throughout, and Smith did work in a handful of laugh-out-loud moments.  However, as a whole, there were too many awkward and cheesy instances, and at the end, the audience is left trying to make sense of the resolution.

Zack and miri arrive at their high school reunion

Zack ( Seth Rogen), and Miri ( Elizabeth Banks), are roommates who have been friends since Kindergarten.  Although they both have jobs, they are, for some reason, not able to pay their bills, and have to find a way to make money to keep their water, electricity, and heat on, during a cold Pittsburgh winter. Why these two are suddenly not able to pay their bills, even though it seems that they've been living together for a while, is an uncertainty; but we buy it, and know all too well what is coming next...they will be making a porno to get the money they need to save their apartment.

Due to a lack of heat, zack and miri bundle up while reviewing scripts

In typical Hollywood fashion, Smith does a good job of bringing the rest of the cast onto the screen, through a fun auditioning-process segment, with a handful of genuine laughs.  With producer Delaney ( Craig Robinson), Cameraman Deacon ( Jeff Anderson), and actors Bubbles ( Traci Lords), Lester ( Jason Mewes), Barry ( Ricky Mabe), and Stacey ( Katie Morgan) in tact, the adventure to make the porno begins, with the highest anticipation being, Zack and Miri's sex scene.

The crew comes together to begin filming

Once the porn making begins, we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the daring dialogue, the uncomfortable sex scenes, brief nudity, a few laughs, and the characters coming closer to reaching their goal.   Unfortunately, many of the film's happenings are far too predictable, such as, the sex scene with Zack and Miri, which was never really a necessity, considering they hired other actors to be in their porno.  Nonetheless, the deed was done, and these two characters are forced to face this whole new dimension to their life-long friendship.

What fans of Smith’s really appreciated and loved about his first few movies, was their authenticity, believability, real-life language, and plots that were relatable.     " Zack and Miri Make a Porno" has, in an obvious way, been infected way too much by Hollywood, tainted with cheesy montages, a rushed ending, and what seems to be a desperate attempt to push the humor envelope.  Much of the films failures occur in the last 20 minutes, where character revelations are unfolding, that do not match up to the characters we have been watching for the last hour.  Audiences are left a bit confused as to why these characters are suddenly sentimental, and trying to save a romance, that we're not completely sold on in the first place.

The film's porn stars

Aside from the poor ending, and holes in the plot, " Zack and Miri Make a Porno" is not one of those movies where you will feel as if you did not get your monies worth.  There is a great soundtrack, very talented actors, an original story line, and a handful of chuckles that keep you entertained, the entire 101 minutes.  Just be careful who you bring with you to see it, as it was originally given an NC-17 rating three times, until an appeal granted Smith, Producer Scott Mosier, and Executive Producers Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Carla Gardini with an R rating.

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