Review -- Women and Wine Presents A Good Year

On October 30, 2006 the line snaked down Westwood Blvd. toward the small but elegant Crest Theater for Women and Wine's Preview of Russell Crowe's new 20th Century Fox movie, 'A Good Year.'  W&W's Sharon Boorstein served as liaison for such notables as France Smiledge from Access Hollywood, producers Gail Ann Hurd and Rona Edwards awaited entrance. 

Producer Gale Anne Hurd and Women & Wine Sharon Boorstin

Inside the renovated theatre the wine flowed freely as did the conversation.  A variety of cheeses and French wines from Province, both red and white, offered by Michael Winthrop of the winery offered us his samples. 

Michael Winthro, wine merchant, and Sharon Boorstin

Max Skinner (Russell Crowe), charming, self centered, and rich, enters an intoxicating new chapter in his life when his Uncle Henry dies leaving him the wine estate where he had grown up.  

Russell Crowe (Max) realizing that he

As Henry (Albert Finney) says, everything matures, sooner and later.  This is the year of Max's maturing.  He learns about love and the memories of his uncle but how to share and savor what he possess with his new cousin. 

Max and his cousin enjoying A Good Year

Directed by Ridley Scott, A Good Year is more of a laid back character study than an action packed episode such as we are accustomed to seeing Russell Crowe's roles.  The picture itself was pleasant, predictable and smooth flowing taste like the French vineyard regions it speaks of as it tells the story of a young and spoiled man who learns to savor life much in the way Under the Tuscan Sun showed surviving in Tuscany.  As usual Russell Crowe is superb in his acting brining the character of Max to life as he deals with his own personal demons. 

Max reading Uncle Henry's letters

A gift bag given to members of the community as they entered the theatre included a calendar of Russell in various poses during his 'Good Year' as well as coupons for various tastings. 

Women and Wine is a lifestyle community that celebrates the freedom and beauty of both women and wine and the luxury life.  They sponsor everything around Bacchus from local tastings and tours to South American and European extravanagas.  Every event they offer or assist with promotes a wine experience.   Their radio show talks not only about wines but of the fascinating women who drink them.  Wine novices and aficionados learn about wines and are joined with other successful women (and men)  who want to feel more comfortable about their wine knowledge while enjoying the good life. 

Francine Smiledge of Access Hollywood

Wines for the various shows are selected by women wine experts and made by favorite winemakers  - some of them women from destinations around the globe.

Each week on, the leading Internet radio network, hosts Julie Brosterman, Sharon Boorstin, Lisa Kring and Jeanette Okwu take you to glorious wine country, introduce you to fascinating women in the world of wine, food and lifestyle, and offer tips on wine, cooking, spa treatments and more.

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