Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!

"Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!" is an enjoyable old fashioned feel good movie. It is well cast and filled with an outstanding actors. Topher Grace gives a very charming and real performance. Kate Bosworth is sweet and kooky. Josh Duhamel is every bit the handsome movie star. Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes are very enjoyable and funny as the manager and agent who share the same name.

Young or old, male or female, everyone has had an idol-an unattainable special someone, on the big screen or in the big leagues-whom they admire and dream of actually meeting someday. Imagine if you actually met your idol and the tables were turned-you became the object of his or her desire. You might find that what you thought was beyond your wildest dreams might not be a dream come true at all.

This Romantic Comedy tells the story of Rosalee Futch (Kate Bosworth) a grocery clerk living in rural West Virginia. But even a small-town girl can have big dreams, and Rosalee's is to someday…somehow… meet her big-screen idol Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel). The "somehow" arrives in the form of a contest-the grand prize: a date with Tad Hamilton-and the "someday" is now. Rosalee wins, much to the chagrin of her best friend and co-worker Pete (Topher Grace), who is deeply, hopelessly-and secretly-in love with Rosalee.

The "Win a Date" contest was cooked up by Tad's agent, Richard Levy (Nathan Lane), and his manager, also named Richard Levy (Sean Hayes) to clean up Tad's bad-boy image. Someone should have told them to be careful what you wish for. When Tad meets Rosalee and gets a taste of what he's been missing in the "real world," he decides he wants seconds and moves to West Virginia, turning Rosalee's dream come true into a nightmare for Richard Levy, Richard Levy and, most of all, Pete.

"Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" stars Kate Bosworth ("Blue Crush"), Topher Grace ("Traffic," TV's "That 70's Show"), Daytime Emmy winner Josh Duhamel (TV's "Las Vegas," "All My Children"), Gary Cole ("The Brady Bunch" features) and Ginnifer Goodwin ("Mona Lisa Smile"), with Emmy winner Sean Hayes (TV's "Will and Grace") and Tony Award winner Nathan Lane ("The Birdcage," Broadway's "The Producers").

Australian native Robert Luketic, who made his feature film directorial debut with the smash hit comedy "Legally Blonde," directed "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton" from an original screenplay by Victor Levin (TV's "The Larry Sanders Show," "Mad About You"). "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!" is produced by Oscar winner Douglas Wick ("Gladiator," "Stuart Little") and former Vice Chairman of Sony's Columbia Tri-Star Motion Picture Group Lucy Fisher ("Peter Pan"). William S. Beasley ("The Tuxedo," "The Mexican") and Gail Lyon ("Stuart Little," "Peter Pan") are the executive producers.

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