Walt Disney Pictures Hosts The TRON:LEGACY Press Junket

TRON:LEGACY, the futuristic gaming film from Walt Disney Pictures, starring Jeff Bridges and directed by Joseph Kosinski recently hosted it’s press junket which featured the first full length screening of the highly anticipated holiday release.

TRON:LEGACY Director Joseph Kosinski during the TRON:LEGACY Press Junket. *

TRON:LEGACY produced by original TRON Director Steven Lisberger and Sean Bailey, explodes with high intensity, stunning special effects and otherworldly vehicles that burst into grid engagement. 

James Frain, TRON:LEGACY's Jarvis at the TRON:LEGACY Press Junket. *

TRON: LEGACY’s press junket, held at the ultra-chic SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills,  included both one-on-one and roundtables interviews with the talent team that created every element of TRON: LEGACY’s revolutionary world.

Garrett Hedlund, Steven Lisberger, Jeff Bridges and Joseph Kosinski on the set of TRON:LEGACY.

TRON devotees from the 1982 classic will be able to follow the story and newcomers will not be lost in unknown details integral to the plot. TRON: LEGACY begins with the last moments before the disappearance of ENCOM founder and computer genius Kevin Flynn portrayed by the iconic Jeff Bridges, and his then eight year old son, Sam Flynn.

Automotive Designer Daniel Simon and TRON:LEGACY Director Joseph Kosinski at the TRON:LEGACY Long Lead Day September 2010. *

The disappearance of Kevin Flynn, without the finality of finding remains or another concrete ending, has the world and those who loved him speculating on his motives, whereabouts, devotion, love and concern.

(R)Olivia Wilde, Joseph Kosinski and Jeff Bridges on the set of TRON:LEGACY.

His son, Sam Flynn, now twenty-seven, played by Garrett Hedlund, whose performance is a standout and packed with genuine emotion, is now the majority stockholder in a Fortune 500 company and as he is without the everyday concerns of life is bent on living on the edge and embodies a man finding the meaning of his existence through an adrenaline rush and a thrill seeking philosophy. He parachutes off the ENCOM building, a Sears Tower type structure, rides fast bikes with abandon and lives in a garage apartment under a bridge. He lives life like he’s looking for trouble.

Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wade at the TRON:LEGACY Long Lead Day September 2010. *

Which is what he gets when a mysterious number from an outdated pager is delivered by Alan Bradley played by Bruce Boxleitner from the original TRON fame. Hedlund ends up in his father’s video arcade and unable to pass on sinking a quarter into the video game he discovers a back office and enters the mysterious futuristic gaming world.

Garrett Hedlund in a scene from Disney's TRON:LEGACY.

It’s at this point the live action ends and one is transported into the sci-fi world created by Director Joseph Kosinski: A cyber world where gaming grids come to life and gladiatorial challenges determine life or death and can end in a million shattered pieces; where the sphere of existence is the disk and must be protected at all costs and transportation explodes in neon displays.

TRON:LEGACY's light-cycle explode in neon displays.

TRON:LEGACY is packed with powerful on screen performances and equally powerful behind the scenes talent and is destined to be a blockbuster. TRON:LEGACY‘s  most astonishing element is the newest and most cutting edge facial capture technology that integrated a full digital computer generated manikin identical to Jeff Bridges in his thirties.

Clu, the computer generated Jeff Bridges.

His character, Clu, maintains that youthful man, full of bravado, maniacal, making rash decisions and is captured very eloquently through the dialogue, created by TRON:LEGACY screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, and the actions, and an older man’s reflection and wisdom again embodied through both dialogue and action.

Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn.

Below is an expert of an interview with TRON:LEGACY’s Jeff Bridges who portrays both Kevin Flynn, the cyber genius and founder of technology giant ENCOM and the younger more diabolical version, Clu. The interview was conducted during TRON: LEGACY’s Long Lead Day in September.

TRON:LEGACY's light-cycle in motion.

Janet Walker: Of all the elements of the film do you consider the CGI, the computer generating imaging, I think that’s what you’re talking about?

Jeff Bridges: No, that’s not it. That’s something else too.

Janet Walker: Was that the most challenging aspect?

Jeff Bridges:  Yes. I would say that was. It’s a whole different way of doing what actors usually do in movies. Like you say acting without any cameras. So, everything is done in post. After the movie is all complete. Then your costume goes on, then your make-up, and then the set and also, the camera angle, which is really unusual, normally as an actor your working on a movie, you’re working  with a camera and your all right now inside her and then they edit that in as they see fit.

A scene from TRON:LEGACY the futuristic gaming world from first time Director Joseph Kosinski.

Janet Walker: Where did you draw your inspiration from to create your character; you have a young diabolical character. So where did you draw your inspiration?

Jeff Bridges: From the script, that’s really the first place, the story, that’s where you start. One of the things that drew me to the project in general was this opportunity to admit that about technology navigating in those waters where we are right now. So, I was invited because they put some of that into the script and the script that what you refer to or that’s what I do at least where I start and then I start looking at aspects of myself to kind each character. So, in this case I was a couple of guys and so I had to magnify certain aspects of myself.

TRON:LEGACY light-cycle designed by Daniel Simon at the TRON:LEGACY Long Lead Day September 2010. *

Janet Walker: Jeff, Joe [ Kosinski] had said earlier, three years ago when most important thing was TRON:LEGACY was discussed was to get you on board, to secure your participation. How did he approach you and how long did it take or did you think about it?

Jeff Bridges: When I heard that they were doing a sequel I was very excited; very much like when I heard about the original came my way. When I heard about it, the original one,  it was like ‘ You want to play this guy who gets sucked inside this computer and you get to use all this cutting edge stuff’ it’s like being invited over to some kid’s house and he’s got all this great stuff! And with this one I had all that again, but also one of the things I was most concerned about was that it wouldn’t be simply a fantastic story built around all this wonderful visual stuff  but also an opportunity to talk about technology in a creative way.

TRON:LEGACY light-cycles explode into grid engagement.

WALT DISNEY Pictures sent all members of the press home with TRON:LEGACY gift items including a TRON:LEGACY scrap book by Jeff Bridges that included step-by-step photos of his regeneration.

Olivia Wilde, as Quorra, and Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn in a scene from TRON:LEGACY.

TRON:LEGACY stars Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxlietner, Garret Hedlund, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett and James Frain.

Michael Sheen as Castor in TRON:LEGACY.

TRON:LEGACY opens worldwide December 17, 2010.

Quorra, Olivia Wade, from TRON:LEGACY.

For more information: www.disney.go.com/tron

Disney's TRON:LEGACY set to explode into theaters December 17, 2010.

Thanks to Warren Betts of Warren Betts Communication/Zoomwerks: www.zoomwerks.com

Images where noted (*) by Janet Walker courtesy of Pulse Point Productions, Inc. www.pulsepointproductionsinc.com

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