US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth at the ArcLight Cinemas in LA Review - Indiana Jones Meets Larry, Moe and Curly

US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth

I must confess, I was a Chan film virgin.  So, my blonde instincts told me to march over to the projection booth and complain when the actors' lips weren't in synch with their words.  Yet, I refrained, and I was delightfully introduced to Chan's unique sense of humor sprinkled with action, adventure, special effects, romance, culture, and of course, martial arts in the Myth.

Dat Phan at US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth

Barking Cow Distribution and STV Networks premiered the Myth, a Jackie Chan Production and Stanley Tong Film co-starring Kim Hee Seon, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Mallika Sherawai, to benefit Chan's charity, the Dragon's Heart Foundation.  The Dragon's Heart Foundation constructs schools in central areas of remote China, making education accessible to as many children as possible along with providing warm clothing and school supplies.

The Myth charges into action in with armies of soldiers at battle over, what else, a woman--an angelic China doll named Princess Ok Soo played by Kim Hee Seon.  Chan's mythical character, Meng Yi, a Qin-era Chinese General, is tasked with protecting the safety and honor of the princess at any cost.  (Although, I couldn't help but laugh as Chan's cute little face bobbled around like a toddler in his oversized warrior helmet as he played the masculine warrior hero.)

Lawrence Davis at US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth

Like a babushka doll, Jackie Chan's Myth is a story unraveled within a story within a story, not giving my wandering attention span a moment to sneak away. Chan's modern-day persona as history-respecting archeologist with a Curious George sidekick scientist, played by Tony Leung Ka Fai, twists the tale down a quest to reveal the mystery of weightlessness and flying--based on historical texts that the Qin Emperor had built a Palace in the Sky after he discovered the power of anti-gravity. All the while, the scenes are creatively chocked-full of comical martial arts stunts to battle the usual bad guys.  The Myth bounces Chan around his past and present lives and somehow intertwines them into one lucid reality during Chan's quest to discover his eternal love. 


Filmed on location in China, India and Hong Kong, this is the first Jackie Chan US-release in over three years and has been dubbed into English by Chan for US adaptation. The Myth will be released across the US and Canada in the fall of 2007.

Nithyananda at US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth

Tying into the Asian mysticism theme of the movie, The Myth premiere included an introductory segment from special guest, Swami Nithyananda of the Life Bliss Foundation--a modern day enlightened mystic and master from India.  His every sentence was filled with a natural high of giggles.  (My mind kept digressing to Spicoli from Fast Times; and if he's still giggling after spending a day in corporate America beating a copier senseless to victor over a ruthless paper jam, then I definitely want to learn his method!)  On a serious note, the Life Bliss Foundation is a celebrated worldwide movement for meditation and healing with 1000 centers in 33 countries and 30 Nithyananda Meditation Academies around the globe. Nithyananda has provided hundreds of thousands of people with mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Cabana Club After Party for US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth

LA's chic Cabana Club hosted the Myth premiere's after party. Guests were entertained with a special live performance by Just Kevin, a one-man electronica music band.  His guitar, drum machine and microphone delivered a unique fusion of rock n' roll and electronic music.  The Cabana Club is located at 1439 Ivar Avenue.

Cabana Club After Party for US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth

In addition to his many talents, Chan also has an energy drink available--Jackie Chan's XGT Green Tea Energy Drink Mix, which is made from fresh green tea leaves and packed with four times more antioxidants than regular green tea.  It includes ginseng, taurine and B vitamins and comes in lemon and raspberry flavors.  "Tea with a Kick!" created by TeaTech.

Rena Riffel & James Hong at US Premiere of Jackie Chan's Myth

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