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By Lawerence Davis

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Twisted is Twisted in a bad way!


In this bloody Hitchcockish mystery you'll find rambling plots, gratuitous violence, gross visuals, and the waste of a good cast. Plot twists are twisted to distorted dead ends that make no sense, wandering around looking for a direction.


The performances were just as unfulfilling as the story Andy Garcia did a lot of overacting, Samuel Jackson turned in a stiff performance. Ashley Judd had an adequate performance as a depressed alcoholic with issues from her youth where her parents were killed in a murder suicide with loose morals, a violent destructive temper, who is still able to have amazing powers of observation that allow her to advance to Detective? Not likely.  


I couldn't find anything in the film to be positive other that it's visual look, excluding the gore and that it finally ended.





The Story:
A female police officer (Judd), whose father was a serial killer, and is now investigating a murder finds herself the center of her own investigation when her past lovers start dying at a furious pace.

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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