The Simpsons Movie Review - The Simpsons Are Finally On The Big Screen

After 18 seasons, The Simpsons finally release a long overdue movie. Simpsons has been known for being the first to do many comical stories and even inspired a South Park episode called “The Simpsons Already Did It.” After all this time and over 400 episodes in it’s still considered quality comedy. Everyone already knows The Simpsons is past its prime but it’s still considered a comfort comedy. To fans this movie is a nice “extra long” episode.

The Simpsons Movie is filled with jokes both worthy and groan-worthy. It will have you laughing more then any other movie. It’s basically an extra long episode so like the tv series, it isn’t driven by plot. The plot only provides backgrounds for the relentless jokes. It’s full of all the many secondary characters that help make the show so great.

Life is normal in Springfield with its polluted lake that burns through metal and dunks Green Day ( Billie Joe Armstrong, Frank Edwin Wright III and Michael Pritchard) in to the pollution during an environmental awareness concert. Lisa loses her heart and to an activist Colin (Tress MacNeille) while trying to raise support to clean up Lake Springfield. Grampa (Dan Castellaneta) has a cryptic apocalyptic version at church and Marge (Julie Kavner) tries to figure out and understand his visions. Homer (Castellaneta) is happy with a little pig he saved from near death. Bart (Nancy Cartwright) is mad at Homer after an embaressing naked skateboarding incident. He then decides he would rather be bible-thumping Ned Flanders’ (Harry Shearer) son. Then Homer brings Springfield to the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency run by Russ Cargill (Albert Brooks), who convinces President Schwarzenegger (Shearer) to seal the town down in a plastic dome. The Simpsons escape because of Maggie after a mob chases Homer. He then is forced to choose to be selfish and persue instant gratification or to follow his conscience.

The film is rated PG-13 and goes a little further then it would on TV. Bart goes nude skateboarding, Marge swears, and other things. The animation gets a nice facelift. It’s brighter, has detailed backgrounds, and even every character has a carefully drawn shadow.

Ned Flanders gets the most air time of the many supporting characters. We also get to meet Nelson’s mother who also says “Ha Ha” and Milhouse’s neighborhood. We also get to see Bart drunk.

This movie makes fun of everything from environmental movements, politics, the fact the government listens to us, TV commercialism, people kissing animals, and much more. Like the newer airing episodes it just doesn’t have the same bite as the earlier episodes. It has gags all over from previous episodes and other pop culture such as the Green Day’s sinking stage like the Titanic, the crashed ambulance from season two episode “Bart the Daredevil,” the nude skateboarding scene based off of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and many others.

The movie is 86 minutes long. “ The Simpsons Movie” is a 20th
Century Fox release. It’s rated PG-13 for irreverent humor and some animated nudity. If you like the TV show you’ll like the movie.

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