The Ring Two Works Its Scary Wonders

Anyone who goes to this show better like scary movies. From the opening sequences, which launch right into the story without pausing for credits, to the final, chilling denouement, this is a flick that can make the bravest soul cringe and hide your eyes on the shoulder of the person sitting next to you, even if she's a stranger! Don't be surprised if a key event early on forces a scream out of your lips.

Rachel Keller (NAOMI WATTS) tries to protect her son Aidan (DAVID DORFMAN) from the vengeful Samara in DreamWorks Pictures’ horror thriller THE RING TWO.

Fans of the first film in this series, The Ring, will not be disappointed by this sequel. The Ring Two is perhaps a little less fraught with scary images, but it makes excellent use of other filmic techniques to achieve the same adrenaline pumping end. You are likely to experience scary moments aplenty, and a steady level of dread in between.

Rachel Keller (NAOMI WATTS) finds herself trapped in the well where Samara met her terrible end and where she still lives to wreak havoc on the world that rejected her in DreamWorks Pictures’ horror thriller THE RING TWO.

The story picks up six months after the first film ends. Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) and her son Aidan (David Dorfman) have now moved to beautiful Astoria, Oregon, hoping to get away from the scene of the original horror. It doesn't help. As soon as the film opens, people start dying, and once again Rachel's investigative zeal helps her locate the telltale unmarked videotape, which signals to her, and to us, that Samara is back and up to her old tricks again.

The evil Samara (KELLY STABLES) ascends from the well in which she had once been left to die in DreamWorks Pictures’ horror thriller THE RING TWO.

Aside from the spine-chilling story, the cinematography and soundtrack are used to good effect to help create a seriously frightening milieu, and the artfully placed visual surprises do nothing to keep one calm. But the audience's main dose of fear is generated first by the story line, and then by the characters themselves, as they react to events in ways that drag us inevitably along with them into the horror.

Aidan (DAVID DORFMAN) shares a potentially lethal connection to the evil Samara in DreamWorks Pictures’ horror thriller THE RING TWO.

No one should be too surprised that the sequel is so comparable to the original. It's put together by all the same cast, crew, and producers. The most significant change is that Ring One director Gore Verbinski is here replaced by Japanese director Hideo Nakata. But that's no loss, since Nakata is the one who actually directed the original Japanese films, Ringu, and Ringu 2, which virtually revived the Asian horror genre and specifically sparked the American remake of this throat-tightening fear-fest.

SIMON BAKER stars as Max Rourke, Rachel Keller’s boss and friend, who learns the truth about Samara too late in DreamWorks Pictures’ horror thriller THE RING TWO.

Nakata has a sure hand for building suspense and fear through creepy visuals, heart-pounding pacing, and carefully measured revelations of the story line. There's a scene in the well, for example, that is a creepy visual treat and a technical wonder.

Rachel Keller (NAOMI WATTS) struggles with Samara (KELLY STABLES) in DreamWorks Pictures’ horror thriller THE RING TWO.

Naomi Watts does a great job of portraying her character's insatiable need to know, tempered by her growing fear of what might happen next. The other actors turn in equally credible performances, and the whole production is professional, artistic, and well crafted enough to create and sustain a mood virtually guaranteed to keep you fascinated but fearful throughout the film.

Rated: PG-13 (theme, disturbing images, language, drug references)
Opens in theaters March 18

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