The Ice is Hot!

During a time when films are mass produced, modern screenplays often lack originality and sometimes are just not well performed. Luckily for film goers there is a bright point in the movie world as Disney emerges with characters that are real and relatable. Disney's 'Ice Princess' focuses on two girls who are torn between their dreams and the goals their mothers have set for them.

Fallin in love

It's refreshing to see a movie that shows how female athletes face the same pressures as male athletes. The recent high school football drama, 'Friday Night Lights' portrayed Tim McGraw as one of those fathers obsessed with their son's success to the point of becoming abusive about it. Often it is not shown how mothers can be the same if not worse, starving their daughters from proper nutrition in order to gain acceptance in a sport. 

At practice

It may seem like quite a leap to picture Kim Cattrall as anything but a sex-crazed middle age woman like her 'Sex in the City' character, Samantha. Though the crossover from HBO to Disney is quite different, Cattrall still implements the strengths from her Sam character into her role as Tina Harwood, an ex champion figure skater who pushes her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Her daughter, Gen Harwood, played by Hayden Panettiere (Raising Helen, Remember the Titans), wants nothing than to be a normal teen and have nothing to do with her obsessive mother who even goes so far as to sabotage her competition in order for her daughter to be able to skate in the Olympics.

Getting a little advice

The movie's lead, Michelle Trachtenberg returned to her Disneylike roots as Casey Carlyle, a science geek turned skating queen. Trachtenberg started out in Nickelodeon's 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete' and then landed the starring role in 'Harriet the Spy.' Between then and now she matured on camera from the dark role of Dawn Summers in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' to the average girl turned bombshell in 'Eurotrip.' With her recent grown up roles it's almost hard to place her as an innocent, sheltered Disney character, yet she pulls it off quite remarkably. Maybe because of the childlike roles in her early years she feels more comfortable in the skin of character who transforms from the naive girl to a young woman whose figuring out life. There are many parallels to her role as Harriet in 'Harriet the Spy' and her role as Casey in 'Ice Princess.' In both movies her character starts off being content with her life and who she is as a person and then later realizes that she wants more and aims to be a different kind of person. In this film she questions whether she should pursue a career as a professional figure skater or go off to Harvard. Isn't that the average teenage dilemma?

Some help from her coach

Who else could be the Harvard drilling mother other than geeky Joan Cusack who is afraid that if her daughter becomes an 'ice princess' she'll turn into a snobby girl. Their relationship is similar to Loreili and Rory in the WB hit 'Gilmore Girls' except for the fact that the Gilmore girls don't keep secrets from each other. Adults will probably be entertained by the relationship between Cattrall and Cusack.

A movie would not be complete without a touch of romance. Actor Trevor Blumas sparked the leading lady's interest, as Teddy a Zamboni driver. Blumas got his start on the PAX series, Little Men and now has achieved teen heart throb status. 

Some added highlights to the movie is that some of its actors are actually figure skaters.  Kirsten Olson and Juliana Cannarozzo have placed in multiple skating competitions and may go on the Olympics. Their acting as their skating was quite exceptional.  Other well known figure skaters who portrayed themselves are Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano who got to act as sports announcers, a role that they most likely found a little challenging considering that they not have always had positive experiences with them. Having your skating critiqued and then doing the same thing to others might take some getting use to.

The success of this movie is mainly due to the compelling performances of its actors. It was a well cast movie that is motivating for young women. It even inspired eleven year-old Laura Rogers who had a nothing but positive remarks- 'I really enjoyed 'The Ice Princess'. It's a fun family film about a girl who finds out what she really wants and pursues it. It's cool to see professional figure skaters with actors and actresses because figure skaters are usually training rather than acting.'

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