The Heartbreak Kid Movie Review - Tasteful Yet Hilarious Laughs

For the first time since “There’s Something about Mary” Ben Stiller teams up with the Farrelly Brothers in the remake of the 1972 comedy, “The Heartbreak Kid.”  While it doesn’t quite measure up to the comedic heights of “Mary,” “The Heartbreak Kid” is genuinely funny, pleasant, and all around pleasing.

Ben Stiller plays Eddy Cantrow, a down-on-his-luck commitment phobe who is constantly reminded that he’s alone and not getting any younger.   On his way home after attending the wedding of his ex-finance (whom he was engaged to for five years before calling it off for no legitimate reason) on Valentine’s Day, Eddy meets Lila (Malin Akerman), a beautiful, spirited blonde, while she is getting mugged.  After a whirlwind, 6 week courtship and under the pressure of his hilariously flamboyant 76-year-old father (played by Jerry Stiller), Eddy takes a leap of faith and proposes so Lila won’t have to move to Rotterdam for her environmental research group.

Following in the true style of comedy, what seems to be a perfect romance quickly turns sour as the newly wed couple embarks on their road trip honeymoon to Cabo, Mexico.  The irritation begins with Lila singing at the top of her lungs to every song on the radio.  Then, at a whim, Lila, who up until this point has refused to sleep with Eddy, insists they pull over and get a room.  What Eddy discovers is Lila’s enthusiasm for off the charts sexual gymnastic moves, none of which he can accomplish. 

Before Eddy can fully grasp what he’s gotten himself into, he learns of Lila’s background as a druggie (which caused her a deviated septum that spews liquids and/or pieces of food from her nose), the huge debt she has incurred, and the fact that she is a volunteer researcher with no income to contribute. 

When Lila suffers a horrendous sunburn and insists on staying holed up in the room, Eddy ventures out and accidentally meets Miranda (Michelle Mongahan), a sweet, southern woman with a vivacious family.  After spending most of his honeymoon with Miranda, making up lies for Lila along the way, Eddy realizes that it is Miranda he should have married.  The two instantly hit it off and eventually fall in love.

What follows is several hilarious attempts to avoid and break off the marriage with Lila while also trying to tell Miranda of his recent marriage with several misunderstandings along the way.  

The good-humored nature of Eddy makes the viewer root for his happiness and also truly feel for him when nothing seems to go right and he ends up losing everything.  The viewer can’t help but laugh at Eddy’s failures, one right after another.  

Overall, this movie captures a similar essence to this team’s original collaboration in “There’s Something about Mary” and gives the viewers several tasteful yet hilarious laughs. 

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