Tangled Preview - It Will Tangle Your Emotions

Tangled - Rapunzel (Mandy Moore)

It’s finally here!  In development since the 1950’s (yes, it took them that long to come up with a new take on the fairy tale, Rapunzel), it took writer Dan Fogelman, Producers Glen Keane, Roy Conli and executive producer John Lasseter of Disney/Pixar to come up with a brilliant new way to tell the once staid tale of the girl with the long hair.  Directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno brought the story to life using the wonders of modern technology.  

Told in the newest of the 3D venues, Tangled is a roller coaster swashbuckling adventure not just about young princess  Rapunzel (because she really doesn’t know that she’s one) but about a handsome debonair thief, Flynn Ryder (aka Zachary Levi).  

Written to attract not only the girls, but also the boys, Tangled is a wealth of color, feeling and emotion that is magnificently brought to life with the new wave of 3D.  

Escaping from the king’s guard, voiced by M. C. Gainey, Flynn takes the precious tiara from his partners, the Stabblington Brothers ( Ron Perlman and Richard Kiel) and finds himself caught up in the tower where Rapunzel (aka Mandy Moore) is being held by her pseudo mother, Mother Gothel (aka Donna Murphy.)   Longing to see the world, Rapunzel, and her precious frog Pascal, make a deal with Flynn.  If he will take her to see the floating lights, she will return his tiara.  

Tangled - Flynn Ryder (Zachary Levi)

Probably the handsomest of the Disney heroes, Flynn is a combination of “all the hot men” Howard says.  Even with his charm and good looks, he can’t yet get at Rapunzel who, having been isolated, is fairly immune to men at the beginning of the story.  

Reluctantly, Flynn agrees to go along with her plan.  In an effort to discourage her exploration, he takes her to the den of thieves where Rapunzel enchants the ogres Hookhand ( Brad Garret). Big Nose ( Jeffrey Tambor) and Shorty ( Paul F Tompkins) to tell her their dreams.  This brings the characters to life in a way no other cartoon has done so.  

Meanwhile, manipulative Mother Gotel, who had kidnapped the baby princess from the palace because of her magical hair, is frantic to find the girl.  The beauty of the hair, which cannot be cut, is that it makes Mother Gotel young again.  A haughty and hilarious villain, we see this mother figure not only as a vain creature who cares for herself but someone who, at moments, appears to have affection for the girl she has taken.  

Probably the real star of the story if Maximus, the guard’s horse, who is determined to find and capture Flynn – only to develop a friendship with the thief and later help him rescue Rapunzel from the witch.  


Not just the usual passive princess, Rapunzel is a feisty but naïve girl who nevertheless comes to the aid of Flynn at the same time he helps her.  The chemistry between Mandy and Zac are evident in their voices and mannerisms.  
Original songs by composer Alan Menken with lyrics by Glen Slater enchant you even more when you realize that Mandy and Zac actually sang them.  “I Have a Dream,” “When Will My Life Begin?” and “Mother Knows Best” were among the favorites.

Amazingly enough, none of the actors had met before the final product was shown.  All of them voiced their dialogue alone on sound stages with only the directors to feed them the lines.  “I had to imagine all the different ways Rapunzel would talk back to me,” Donna Murphy said, as she described the process.  Despite the isolation, the film fits together perfectly and works like a charm.  

Probably the hardest part of the technical journey was the creation of the hair.  It not only had to glow and be magical but it had to be vibrant and sensuous.  With the use of the 3D, it can almost be felt.  It’s hard to believe it took a whole new software, Dynamic Wires, worked by visual effects supervisor Steven Goldberg, CG supervisor Jesus Canal, and technical supervisor Mark Hammel along with hair experts Kelly Ward and Xinmin Zhao to perfect it.  


The brilliance of the art was defined by Dave Goetz and Dan Cooper with Claire Keane doing the drawings on the wall of the tower.  

Set to premiere November 24th, 2010, this is one 3D film that should be enjoyed many times over.  

For more information about Tangled, http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/tangled.  

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