TV’s Top 10 Manliest Men of All Time

Father’s Day tribute to TV’s Top 10 Manliest Men of All Time

(Niagara Falls, ON) June 18 -- With the history of television spanning well over 50 years, we’ve certainly had a chance to experience some interesting characters on sitcoms ranging from Married with Children to Home Improvement.  Some of the Men (or Dad’s) were handy with tools, while others were hip and stylish. 

As a tribute to Father's Day, Christoper Dabrowski of the Manly Men Men blog ( decided to pull together a list of television's manliest men of all-time.

"As you read down the list about some of these iconic characters, I think you will agree that we’ve had a chance to learn about family values, how to bond with your son, and avoid the wife all at the same time.  As a tribute to Father’s Day weekend, we put together our list of television’s manliest men of all-time,” said Dabrowski.  

From ‘The Fonz’ to ‘Tim the Tool Man Taylor, the below are Television’s Top 10 Manliest Men of All Time

# 1 Archibald “Archie” Bunker (Played by Carroll O’Connor)

Without a doubt one of the most memorable characters on television, we don’t think there would be a better way to start off this list than with the one, the only … Drum Roll Please .. Archie Bunker.

Archie was a reactionary, bigoted, conservative blue-collar woker and family man.   He lived in the borough of Queen in New York City.  Although the dynamic tension between Archie and his liberal son-in-law, Michael MEATHEAD” Stivic, provided an on-going political and social sounding board for a variety of topics.

In the end, despite his character flaws, he loved his family and (at least some of the time) chose to do the right thing.

The inspiration for Archie Bunker was Alf Garnett, the character from the BBC sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, on which All in the Family was based. Archie, in turn, was an inspiration for Eric Cartman of South Park.

There will never be another Archie Bunker.

# 2 The Fonz – Arthur Fonzarelli (Played by Henry Winkler)

I think it’s safe to say that Henry Winkler will always be remembered for playing Fonzie on the television classic Happy DaysThe Fonz always wore a leather jacket and was best known for his catchphrases: “Whoa”, and “Aaay!/Eyyy!” while snapping his fingers and giving the thumbs up.  I think everyone can remember the many times that The Fonz fixed Arnold’s jukebox by giving it a punch with the side of his fist. 

# 3 Al Bundy (Played by Ed O’Neil)

Ah yes, Al Bundy, the true American father figure.  Unfortunately, Al constantly seemed to find bad luck ever since he finished high school at Polk High, where he scored four touchdowns in one game.  Al forever regrets the turn his life had taken following high school.  The main turning point for Al’s life was when he married Peggy Bundy, his lazy, red-haired wife.  Supposedly, Al mistakenly asked Peg to marry him after he got drunk.  Al owned a 71’Dodge Dart Demon and worked as a shoe salesman at Gary’s Shoes and Accessories in Chicago.  He was constantly badgered by his children Bug and Kelly.  The Bundy’s had a family dog named ‘Buck’

# 4 Charlie Harper (Played by Charlie Sheen)

Although the show is fairly new (it first broadcast in 2003), Two and a Half Men is one of few sitcoms to build a strong fan base around the many reality shows that now appear on the majority of channels.

Charlie is a bachelor living a lifestyle consisting of a two-story Malibu beachfront home, drinking excessively, smoking cigars, womanizing, gambling and wearing expensive bowling shirts most of the time.   Charlie formerly wrote jingles for a living, with his most famous composition being the Maple Loops song.

Charlie constantly sleeps in, money "falls into his lap", and he lives life on his own terms - one of free spirited debauchery.  He is the total opposite of Al Bundy, but we feel still a Manly Man in his own right!

# 5 Tim “The Toolman” Taylor (Played by Tim Allen)

Like most men, Tim was a hot rod enthusiast, and knowledgeable (a know-it-all) on all things related to cars.  Tim was also obsessed on building things, as well as modifying machines and household items for “more power”. 

Most of the time, the rewired machines Tim worked on would backfire and cause some kind of accident. Nevertheless, Tim continually tried to pass these qualities to his sons, while his wife reluctantly watched. 

Tim hosted his own television program, Tool Time, in which he and his assistant Al Borland teach audiences about home improvement.  In the first two seasons, Pamela Anderson played “Tool Time” girl Lisa.  Anderson left after two seasons to join the cast of Baywatch fulltime.

# 6 Ari Gold (Played by Jeremy Piven)

Yes, and although the show Entourage is only in it’s infancy stages compared to the above mentioned (aside from Sheen), we think Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven) will be a “Man’s Man” character people will be talking about for a long time.

On Entourage, Ari played a big time Hollywood agent.  Despite this position as one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood, Ari

Despite his position as one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood, Ari is a husband to a wife who seems to able to keep him in check.  Despite frequent sexual innuendoes, Ari says he "has never cheated on his wife" and "loves liars, but hates cheaters."

There are an abundance of memorable quotes from the Ari Gold archive, so we thought we would share our Top 3 with you:

1. Ari:  “Let’s hug it out bitch.”

2. Ari Gold to his assistant (prior to finding out he was getting let go by his firm):

“Listen, Lloyd, I want you to put all my files, folders, binders, *everything* into a box! If you find a used condom, an executioner's mask, and a fucking spike paddle, don't think, just pack that bitch! Chop suey!”

3. [Ari is about to leave his kid's birthday party for business reasons]

Ari's Wife: Where are you going?
Ari Gold: They flew in the liver, and I gotta’ do the transplant.

 # 7 Red Forman (Played by Kurtwood Smith)

Red Forman plays the father in the hit sitcom That 70s Show.  Red's hobbies include working with his power tools, drinking beer, watching television (especially sports events involving Wisconsin teams), reading the newspaper, hunting, and fishing.

What makes Red a choice for our TV’s Manliest Men list is that he has very specific ideas about what men can and cannot do, believing that they should keep their emotions bottled up and be skilled at physical sports like hunting and football. He does not think they should hug or express "love" for each other.

# 8 Earl Jehosophat Hickey (Played by Jason Lee)

My Name Is Earl is set in Camden County, and stars Earl, a petty crook who has occasional run-ins with the law.  Earl lost his newly won $100,000 lottery ticket when he is hit by a car.

Although Earl lacks a good education (he believes déjà vu is a 'french disease' that has the same effect as déjà vu) and frequently demonstrates poor judgment, he has a clouded grasp of right and wrong which he tries to impart to his friends. His conversion to an understanding of Karma now drives his life, as he seeks to make up for his past wrongdoing.  Early is afraid of flying and needles and drives a 1973 red El Camino.  Like the majority of men over the age of 35 on this planet, Earl has gotten married and divorced on three separate occasions. 

 # 9 Doug Heffernan (Played by Kevin James)

Kevin James is down right hilarious.  He’s starred in a handful of movies over the past three years that will definitely turn into cult classics in the years to come. 

In King of Queens, James plays Doug Heffernan, an average parcel delivery man who exerts a rather light-hearted and sometimes immature mentality. His misadventures are often fuelled by his immature mannerisms and his love of food.  Doug is usually bossed around by his wife Carrie, and his disobedience in eating fatty foods after she has told him not to is another common reason why the two have disagreements. He generally enjoys the simple pleasures of watching sports and playing poker with his friends. Unlike many married protagonists of sitcoms, Doug has rarely been attracted to other women.

  # 10 Frank Barone (Played by Peter Boyle)

In Everyone Loves Raymond, which by the way, if you haven’t watched an episode, be sure to catch a re-run next time you’re channel surfing, Peter Boyle played Francis "Frank" Oscar Barone.  Frank played Raymond Barone’s father, a retired bookkeeper with a stubborn masculine personality. A war veteran, Frank served in the Korean War, which he frequently brings up, to the annoyance of his sons. He is a member of the Elks, and was named Man of the Year by his Lodge.

 Unfortunately, Peter Boyle died on December 12, 2006. 

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