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You’re a little girl and your father is one of the most important and feared man in the world. Your mother committed suicide, your brother is killed by the Nazis and another one is an alcoholic, and you’re in love with a man who is much older then you are. Meet, Svetlana Alliluyeva, 82 now, she doesn’t share the same last name as her father, Stalin.

Svetlana's guests at a premier of Svetlana About Svetlana


Svetlana Parshina, the director of Svetlana About Svetlana

The premier of the film that takes the viewer on the journey of another Svetlana, Svetlana Parshina, driven by the book “Twenty Letters to a Friend” that she has read as a child. An autobiography written by Alliluyeva, she felt a special connection with an author, even though she, at such young age, was totally oblivious as to who Joseph Stalin was.  Though the beginning of the film might be reminiscent of some kind of a reality show about Parshina looking for Alliluyeva, it does transition into a very interesting interview with an amazing person who’s not only intelligent, wise, and full of mysteries but is very quick and witty in her humorous comments at times.

Svetlana's guests at a premier of Svetlana About Svetlana

Alliluyeva resists an interview at first, but persistence will prevail and Parshina gets the interview. “I have a feeling you’re not going to listen to me and you’re coming over here … but I only let you because you’re young, and I love young people.” When Parshina shows up at Alliluyeva’s house we can tell that she likes her peace and quite in her little community. She also warns Parshina to be very quite and not to bring lot’s of equipment as the rumors spread so quickly, and Alliluyeva doesn’t want to explain to her friends what that was all about. One can suspect that she’s not so open about her past.

Svetlana's guests at a premier of Svetlana About Svetlana

The interview that lasts no more then 30 minutes delivers mesmerizing memoirs of life experience of a person who is a daughter of Joseph Stalin, one of the most feared dictators of the 20th century. How it has complicated her life, how she has abandoned her own country, which was once under her fathers rule. Her several husbands, her sons and daughters, her long lost friends, her teary eyes and the uplifting voice of her high spirits tell her story. The story of Stalin’s Daughter. No she never does criticize her father in the interview, in fact that was part of the deal she has made with the Director of the documentary, Svetlana Parshina.

Svetlana's guests at a premier of Svetlana About Svetlana

The premier of the film was great, given that it’s a 44-minute documentary, it didn’t limit the Hollywood Glamour. Svetlana with her beautiful light dress surrounded by her friends and some Up-and-Coming actors. The spirit of the independent festival lived everywhere, including in the backdrop that was propped up by the rope that was master-crafted out of the packing tape. Towards the end of all of the photo-ops, closer to the starting time of the film, the red carpet was getting invaded by a flock of Russians in their late ages, some what resembling Alliluyeva herself, though much more glamorous. Out of all of us, they were the people that would see the film not only with the interest to the subject, but to relived the moments in their lives that they had long put away. Like Alliluyeva they too have fled the motherland, abandoning everything that the generations before them fought for. Regret? Never. Strength? Always.

Svetlana's guests at a premier of Svetlana About Svetlana

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