Surrogates Film Review - A Tense Bruce Willis Film

 Ever wish you were that perfect, agile, sexy person you once were. Well, now you can be but what happens when that wish goes haywire and people start losing their humanity and stop feeling.  Actual physical contact becomes rare and couples split apart.  Regular people no longer have to venture out. Their alternative egos can do what they could not.  Is this what we really want?  

Surrogate: Radha Mitchell, Bruce Willis, Trevor Donovan interviewing VSI

Surrogates takes place in the distant future and people are living vicariously in the form of robot surrogates that are sexy, physically perfect mechanical representation of themselves (sometimes) or of whom they want to be seen as.  It seems to be an ideal place where crime is down and fear, pain and consequences don’t exist.  All you have to do is plug in.  

Surrogate: Bruce Willis - plugged in

The first homicide in years shocks the society and agent Tom Greer ( Bruce Willis) is assigned to investigate.  Along with his perfect partner, Jennifer Peters ( Radha Mitchell), they discover a far reaching conspiracy to end the era of surrogates and return to human only existence.  In order to do this, Greer must abandon his surrogate and investigate in his human form – a task that shocks everyone around him.  The screenplay, written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris, is an edge of the seat thriller as Greer must be forced to confront the best and worst of humanity.   He is thwarted by Stone ( Boris Kodjoe) his commander but he knows the killer, Strickland ( Jack Noseworthy) is still out there and did not work alone. 

Surrogate: Helen Mattson, Boris Kodjoe at FBI HQ

Meeting with wheelchair bound Dr. Lionel Canter (James Francis Ginty and –older- James Cromwell) a reclusive billionaire and the creator of the surrogate program, Greer begins to realize that not only was the older man’s son killed but the older man also has revenge issues from his board.  Greer must not only face hostility from the surrogate makers but from the Dread society – lead by The Prophet (Ving Rhames) who vow not to use surrogates and ban them from their reservations where they have kept an all human society going.  

The story is not only a murder mystery but a relationship drama, as well. Greer must come to terms with his wife, Maggie ( Roseamund Pike) and her perfect surrogate, while trying to save their marriage.  

surrogate: Rosamund Pike preparing surrogates

Greer seeks the help of the military in the form of Col. Brendon Michael Cudlitz but finds out they know nothing of the conspiracy. 

surrogate: Ving Rhames, the Prophet


A tense action packed Bruce Willis film all the way, Surrogates keeps you on the edge of your seat and also makes you question the value of living each day – thankful for the body you have.  It makes you think about what we really want out of our lives.

This Touchstone gripping action suspense, directed by Jonathan Mostow, also stars Trevor Donovan (surrogate Greer) , Cody Christian (boy Canter) , J. L. HighsmithDevin Ratray (Bobby).  Also involved in the production were Mandeville Films, Brownstone Productions, and Top Shelf Commix  The producers were David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Max Handleman and executive producers were David Nicksay and Elizabeth Banks.

surrogate: Bruce Willis, plugged in at HQ

The mystery, detective story is based on the Top Shelf Commix graphic novel by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele who came across the idea when they were playing on line community games and realized how many people had alternate lives.  It was adapted for the screen by John Brancato and Michael Ferris.  Jeff Mann (production designer) , April Ferry (costumes) , Oliver Wood (cinematographer) and Kevin Stitt (film editor) also worked on the film as did Mark Stetson (visual effects).  Other behind the scenes workers included. Jeff Dawn (make up) Jon Johnson (sound designer) and Howard Berger (make up).  Music was by Richard Marvin and casting by Jane Jenkins, Janet Hirsenson,and Michelle Lewitt.

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