Super Capers: Not Just Another Superhero Movie - Review

Supercapers: The Origins Of Ed And The Gold Bullion, is the latest in the superheroes on the big screen craze that usually translates into super Box Office. Unlike blockbusters like Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Superman and The Hulk,  Super Capers was produced on a relatively low budget. The other main difference between Super Capers and it's Marvel Comics and DC Comics competition is that it's a tongue and cheek parody of the superhero genre. Super Capers is written and directed by Ray Griggs (in the yellow cape below), who also plays one of the of superheros Pufferboy, who's superpowers include blowing up like a giant blowfish whenever he gets scared.

Super Zeros

Super Capers tells the story of Ed Gruberman (in the red cape above), a regular guy with superhero aspirations. When Ed is sued for superhero brutality, he is sentenced to serve time in a superhero halfway-house where he teams up with The Super Capers, a misfit group of superheroes-in-training. Their first mission is to stop an armored car heist and keep the Super Villains from getting away with the gold. The Super Capers save the day or so it seems, until Ed is actually framed for the robbery and must travel back in time to save the team and expose the true villain.

The Super Capers Super Friends

Let's Meet The Superheroes! Ed Gruberman is GRUBERMAN (Justin Whalin who played Jimmy Olsen in the classic TV series Lois & Clark with Desperate Housewives hottie, Teri Hatcher), FELICIA FREEZE (Danielle Harris, best known for playing the character Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5), HERBERT Q (Oliver Muirhead, a John Cleese type british import from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me), HERBERT BRAINARD (Samuel Lloyd, best known as the character Ted Buckland on the hit TV series Scrubs), SARGE (Tiny Lister, professional wrestler-turned actor. Most known for the cult classic Friday and Universal Soldier), WILL POWERS (Ryan McPartlin best known as Captain Awesome on the new hit TV series Chuck) and ROBO (Pancho Moler, a professional skateboarder and spoken word poet).

Super Villain Clint Howard as MUGGER

Let's Meet The Supervillains! SPECIAL AGENT SMITH #1 (Doug Jones, best known as The Silver Surfer and most recently Abe Sapien in Hellboy I & II), SPECIAL AGENT SMITH #2 (Isaac C. Singleton, best known as the character Bosun from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl), CAPTAIN SLUDGE (Jon Polito, a character actor with a super list of TV and film credits), CRETAN (Bobby "Slim" Jones, best known for Alien vs Predator), MUGGER (Clint Howard, best known as director Ron Howard's brother. Major credits include Apollo 13, Austin Powers and How The Grinch Stole Christmas), RED (Christine Lakin, best known for the character Alicia Lambert on the classic TV series Step By Step), ROGER CHEATEM (Tom Sizemore, major film credits including Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down), THE DARKED WING VESPER (Michael Rooker, major film credits including Slither, Jumper and Cliffhanger).

Recording the soundtrack live

Music can make or break a motion picture by getting the audience involved emotionally with what's happening on the screen. Super Capers is fortunate to have composer Nathan Lanier, who's super musical score helps the film soar to new heights. Lanier has two other films which he scored, coming out this year, REPO and HELLBINDERS. Also imbelishing the score, is the symphony orchestra who performed the music live for the soundtrack, a wise move by writer, director, producer, Ray Griggs to make the music sound larger than life and give the film a much bigger feel considering the modest budget.

Pimp My Ride: A high-tech transformation from a 1988 Motorhome

Super Capers: The Origin Of Ed And The Gold Bullion is a fun and entertaining film for the whole family. Chock full of gags and impressive special effects, Super Capers has something for everyone. Griggs has amassed an incredible cast of stars not to mention a slew of celebrity cameos including, Adam West (The classic Batman TV series), June Lockhart (from the Irwin Allen TV series Lost in Space), Eva Pigford (The Young & The Restless), George Stults (series star of 7th Heaven), Beverly Long (yes, from the original Rebel Without A Cause), Taylor Negron (TV and film funnyman) and the list goes on.  Super Capers is set up as a franchise. If it does good box office like most  superhero films out there, we'll be seeing a lot more from this zany group of superfriends.

Justin Whalin and Adam West

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